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STEP Program

Student Technology Employment Program (STEP) proves to be a great program for students who are looking for employment. STEP gives student employees multiple opportunities that make them more competitive in the job market. These positions in information technology provide resources and experiences that are valuable in any future career.

Students who excelled in this program had outstanding feedback to share with future students who are interested in taking their first steps into the world of information technology. Their comments not only applied to how this program advanced their training skills, but also how it opened them up to an organizational environment. This allowed them to learn valuable lessons and build interpersonal relationships with influential faculty members. Any position that the student applied for would give them the experience and competitiveness they needed for their resumes. Also, the social connections and strong command presences were what made each student stand out among their peers.

STEP's main focus is to prepare each student to be competitive and qualified for when they graduate from ODU. This program is a solution for students to graduate college and get employed in the workforce. STEP provides different positions to help the student develop more confidence, social skills, and charisma. These students are always exceptional in an interview. STEP emphasizes the individual work ethic and professionalism of every student, which are the keys to success. The program is designed for these students to be employed with ODU when they graduate and it is very successful for many of the students. These students are getting their dream jobs because of their participation in this program.

Advancement opportunities motivate the student to work at their full potential. Computer knowledge, experience with computer software, testing applications, and maintaining equipment inventory are all standard qualifications for positions in the ITS department. However, students who are flexible and can make sound and timely decisions are the students who will advance.

The success rate from this program is remarkable. STEP has already given its student employees many additional opportunities such as jobs in other offices within ODU. Just in the past year, seven students thrived in STEP's other departments and four of those workers secured hourly positions. Students advance extremely far because of the connections they make in this program. Students will learn new things and will benefit in the future from the experiences, training and knowledge gathered from this program.