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my ODU

This summer, after reviewing the needs of faculty and students, ITS redesigned the ODU portal from the ground up. Functionality and design elements were carefully considered to create a unique user experience: the new portal will not only provide generic information and access to systems, but will provide information tailored to the users' individual needs.

Student Announcements, Events, and University News are seen at a glance. Important dates were added to advise students of upcoming critical dates such as registration and financial aid deadlines.

A redesigned navigation allows quick access to important topics such as Academic& Success, and Recreation and Entertainment. Quick access to commonly used systems, such as Blackboard, email and Leo Online is also available.

In addition to the sleek, new interface, the strength of the new portal is the ability to tailor it to your specific needs. New features include customizable weather and bookmark modules. The weather module lets you track weather at various cities important to you. Bookmarks are often saved on your desktop, but now you have the option of saving bookmarks directly in the portal for ready access from any system, any location.

Also new is the myStatus feature. Exclusively for students, and specific to each user, this component informs the student of their status on holds, finances and financial aid, and provides the information necessary to address any issue that might exist.

The portal was successfully rolled out in August. New features, based on user input, are being introduced regularly. Already this semester, access to Monarch Link was provided in September, and the portal announcement is seeing a lot of use from a variety of departments. Additional updates are in progress. Stay tuned as we continue to improve this user experience.