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Permanent Residency

The University will apply for permanent resident ("green card") status for most employees with an on-going position. This paperwork is handled by International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) and there is a fee in the amount of $1,500.

The faculty or staff member should contact the Director of ISSS, Robbin Fulmore, to begin the process. During a consultation meeting, the possible options and documentation needed will be discussed. There are three typical processes:

Any full time, employee in an ongoing position with a minimum of a master's degree (EB-2).

Must demonstrate that no US workers are qualified and available; usually requires a search under Virginia Employment Commission oversight.

Process involves obtaining a Permanent Labor Certificate followed by an application for a resident visa.

Time Required: 24-36 months (great variation depending on the response time of various government agencies).

Must be a teaching faculty member.

Must show our determination that we hired most qualified individual available; no additional search required.

Must apply for this processing within 18 months of hire.

Time Required: 18-24 months.

Individual must have 3 years prior experience as teacher or researcher.

Must demonstrate a high level of expertise; this is shown through receipt of prizes for excellence in the field, membership in associations which require outstanding achievement, published material about the individual, participation as a judge of others, original contributions to the field, and authorship of scholarly articles.

Extensive documentation is required.

Time Required: 12-24 months.

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