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O-1 Status: Persons of Extraordinary Ability

As this status takes significantly more documentation than an H-1B, it is used at Old Dominion only when it is not possible to get the H-1B, in the past due to the H-1B cap.

NATO Visa Holders

Students in A-1/A-2 (affiliated with ACT) or any NATO visa status who are interested in requesting the ACT/NATO reduced tuition rates should first contact Marco Mazza Riccardi (Commander, Italian Navy) at 757.747.3182 at ACT.

Permanent Residency

The University will apply for permanent resident ("green card") status for most employees with an on-going position.

Reimbursement of Visitors

In the event that those individuals who are invited are international visitors, very specific additional paperwork is required to ensure compliance with various federal and state taxing authorities and immigration guidelines.

TN Status: NAFTA Treaty

This is another option for some Canadian and Mexican professionals. Although the areas in which one can qualify for this status is limited, it can be a quick way to enter the US for those who qualify, especially Canadian citizens.