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Request for New I-20/DS-2019

Request for New I-20/DS-2019 (students only)

This form is for all CURRENT F-1 or J-1 visa holders at Old Dominion
who are requesting a new I-20 or DS-2019.


REQUESTING A CHANGE OF STATUS? If you currently do not have an F-1 visa, please enter 0s here. If you are on a NATO/A-2 visa, you must also update your home country address.

If requesting an I-20/DS-2019 for a change of status, will you apply to change in the U.S. or at a U.S. consulate overseas?

Does your SEVIS U.S. address match this address above?*

If you answered "No," you must submit your updated address via the SEVIS U.S. Address Update form (click here or locate on the FORMS page of our web site.)

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: Have you taken *and* passed your Writing Exit Exam?

Current Visa Status*

Do you have dependents on your visa document?*

NOTE: If your dependents have left the U.S. permanently, please provide documentation to ISSS as we are required, by law, to terminate their SEVIS record. Documentation can be in the form of a travel itinerary or a scan of the stamp given when they entered your home country.

Do you work on campus?*

If "yes," who pays you?

What is the purpose of this request?*

IF YOU ARE REQUESTING AN EXTENSION OF YOUR CURRENT FORM: Extensions may not be processed until 30 days before your document expires. If you have a special circumstance where you may need your paperwork earlier than that, please contact ISSS. Your document can be extended for a maximum of two (2) semesters (or three for PhD students). Your electronic request must be followed up with two items:

1) submission of financial documentation (assistantship letter, bank statement, etc.); see EXPENSES below for more information

2) Recommendation for Extension of Visa Document ; the student portion is must be filled out online

Please select the option that describes your CURRENT academic program.

EXPENSES: Please submit financial documentation reflecting the amount next to your level above.