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Housing & Residence Life News

September 2013 Monarch Citizen of the Month Winners

Benjamin Inn Sept Winner

Benjamin Trahan, The ODU Inn

Benjamin is extremely lively and always invites floor mates to campus events. He goes out of his way to speak to others and builds community among the ODU Inn.


Chi Ali, Whitehurst Hall

Chi previously came to me at the beginning of the month to inform me that the kitchen on our tower was very dirty and should be cleaned up. We went together and cleaned up the kitchen. About a week or so later Chi informed me that she went and cleaned the entire kitchen by herself.

Alex Sept VA House winner

Alexander Johnson, Virginia House

Alexander is always studying. Alexander took it upon himself to join numerous study groups within his residence hall. Again, he emerged as a leader, leading his study group in deciding what time they should meet, how often, etc.


Connie Lucas, University Village North

Connie is an outstanding woman living in our community. She resides in Building 2 with her Service dog, Babe. So far she has been a vital member of our community, attending programs, making connections with other residents and staff and educating us all on her dog.


Charis Murray, Ireland House


Kasandra Noraas, England House

She was quickly detripled from a temporary triple room, but offered up her space to take back in a third person in order to resolve some serious issues that the other resident was having with her original roommates.


Josh Caudell, University Village South

He was the first to volunteer to help with move in. He was the first to sign up for Community Council. He always has a smile on his face and genuinely wants to make the Village the best place to live on campus.


Julius Brown, Powhatan Village Apartments

Julius plans to coordinate several programs for the Powhatan Community, despite not having an official leadership role. He cares dearly about his community and wants it to be a positive living experience.


Derrick Morre, Rogers Hall

He is one of the most respectful individuals I have ever met. He is a caring, hardworking, kind, understanding, smart young man who was born to lead. He is always protecting and willing to help his hallmates and friends, whether that means walking with them to and from a night class or constantly checking on them after weekend festivities. I am extremely sad to say he will be leaving me next semester but very proud to say he will be servicing our country.

Brittany Nus Spet Winner

Brittany Powell, Nusbaum Apartments

Brittany has been an outstanding resident in Nusbaum Apartments. She is polite and respectful to every student she encounters. Brittany has shown excellent dedication to her pursuit of scholarship while still attending programs in Rogers Hall when she has the opportunity to do so.


Darren Epps, France House

Darren is a lively person and builds community both in France House and the ODU Inn (he visits frequently). Darren intentionally engages others and stops by other people's rooms in France House. His presence is positive and appreciated.


Dante Corbin, Gresham Hall

Dante willingly offered to put up flyers in the hallways for me when he saw that I was too busy and in a rush to get to class. This showed a sense of accountability and inclusivity because he was looking out for his fellow peers and his RA by lending a helping hand.


Jared Harris, Dominion House

Jared plays the cello on the bench outside of Dominion House. His talents bring an air of relaxation and ambiance to our courtyard. Jared has also started a student organization for performance artists on campus.