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Learning Community:Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship - ALL MAJORS

Instructor: Connie Merriman

Social entrepreneurs combine the knowledge and skills used in traditional business with a passionate commitment to having a meaningful and sustainable social impact. Social entrepreneurs apply their passion and skill to enrich the lives of people who are poor, sick or disenfranchised. The best social entrepreneurs find creative ways to help the disadvantaged help themselves, by building innovative and sustainable new -social‖ enterprises that can be scaled to achieve significant social change. Over the course of the semester, we will study social enterprises from around the world in order to help you understand the field and to begin to define social entrepreneurship in your own way. Working with the ENACTUS student group, you will take what you have learned into the field to learn directly from social entrepreneurs while touching the lives of the poor, the sick and the disadvantaged.

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  • 20342 HNRS 226 UG Research: Social Entrepreneurship

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