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Honors Civic Learning Project:Basic Requirements


The Honors Civic Leaning Project integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich your academic experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.


  1. Forty-five hours of volunteer work. It must be approved by the HC Dean. Email your name, major, the name of the host volunteer organization, a description of your duties, a description of what you hope to learn from the experience and the name of your volunteer work supervisor to Dr. David Metzger: dmetzger@odu.edu. You are not required to present documentation from the volunteer organization.

    Note: It is strongly suggested that you complete all or most of the volunteer hours before the course begins. There is to be no "double dipping." You are earning one academic credit for this course, so it should not be in conjunction with some other project you are doing.
  2. Keep a journal starting with the first day of work. Make an entry about your experiences and observations each day. There are many ways to keep a journal; the following URL provides a description of the several common formats:
  3. When your volunteer project is completed, write a two-page paper (typed): one page will describe how you benefitted from the volunteer project; one page will describe how the sponsoring organization benefitted from your work. Your paper and journal are due on the first day of exams.
  4. Any grade of Incomplete, once completed, cannot earn an "A."


All students must register for this Honors College course requirement as they would for a regular upper division class online. THERE ARE NO CLASS MEETINGS