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Active Projects

ProjectDescriptionSponsorProject TierManagerEndStatus
Research Storage MigrationResearch mass storage currently exists on server pegasuss which is an HSM storage system. We would like to move the existing data to a new storage array.Rizwan BhuttaTier 1John Pratt03/28/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
Window/Linux Enviroment Security Patch ApplicationRusty WaterfieldTier 1John Pratt03/31/2014Project completed with expected results
Openstack testingOpenstack is an opensource cloud computing platform. This project is to explore the product and its possible uses at ODURusty WaterfieldTier 1John Pratt04/30/2014Project is on track
Secure FTP Server ReplacementOCCS currently provides a secure FTP system behind the imaging firewall that allows systems on and off campus to upload PII and other sensitive data that is then transferred (by automated systems) to sensitive systems behind other firewalls such as the admin firewall. The current system uses the application Pragma Fortress which is extremely old and outdate. Additionally there are system limitations to Pragma Fortress because of its age that is limiting it's use and availability today. This internal OCCS project is to research and discover a replacment product that can operate in a virtual environment and deliver the needed secure ftp services for systems at a minimal cost.Rusty WaterfieldTier 1John Pratt05/08/2014Project completed with expected results
CC-System Research and Academic BuildingWillie SpencerTier 2Kevin Guerin05/17/2014Project is on track
Form Fusion for Transcript ReformattingImplement the Evisions Form Fusion product to produce reformatted student transcripts.Mary SwartzTier 1Robert (Bob) Fricovsky05/23/2014Project is on track
Student Performance Business IntelligenceDevelop a Student Performance system using the business intelligence tools that will allow for colleges, departments and administrators to analyze student performance from the individual to the aggregate. This system will utilize data from various sources to determine student performance.Jane Dane'Tier 2David Kozoyed05/30/2014Project is on track
Systems Research & Academic Building – Communications InfrastructSystems Research and Academic Building is a new Engineering Building. It is a two story building or 50,501 sq ft. It's primary purpose will be for Labs and Administrative & Faculty Offices. IT will support/install Voice, Video and Data services.Willie SpencerTier 2Anthony Redifer06/12/2014Project is on track
Economic Forecasting Project Website & Database DesignA redesigned EFP website and database with new developed data capabilities that will allow users to view, manipulate, and download custom datasets of local and state demographic and economic data.James KochTier 1David Hamel06/15/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
Infrastructure LCR Plan FY13OCCS maintains a large infrastructure of servers, storage and equipment that is used throughout the University to deliver systems and services for both academic and administrative use. All equipment purchased by the University for infrastructure use is bought with a minimum of 3 years of hardware maintenance and preferably 5 years of maintenance. At the end of the useable life of each item, hardware must be replaced with equipment of like functionality to insure the system continuance. This project encompasses the hardware lifecycle replacement for all hardware that is currently in operation for the University where the lifecycle replacement date arrives between 7/1/12 and 6/30/2013.Rizwan BhuttaTier 2John Pratt06/30/2014Project is on track
Book Now Textbook Ordering SystemInstall and implement the Follett online course instruction program linked to both Blackboard and Banner that will provide advanced discovery and designation of course material for faculty and the Bookstore. This system also provides ordering access and management for students along with access to digital content.Michael JosephTier 2David Hamel06/30/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
Infrastructure LCR Plan FY14ITS maintains a large infrastructure of servers, storage and equipment that is used throughout the University to deliver systems and services for both academic and administrative use. All equipment purchased by the University for infrastructure use is bought with a minimum of 3 years of hardware maintenance and preferably 5 years of maintenance. At the end of the useable life of each item, hardware must be replaced with equipment of like functionality to insure the system continuance. This project encompasses the hardware lifecycle replacement for all hardware that is currently in operation for the University where the lifecycle replacement date arrives between 7/1/13 and 6/30/2014.Rizwan BhuttaTier 2John Pratt07/01/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
Touchnet Payment Plan Manager AdditionImplement Touchnet Payment Plan Manager Addition in order to increase efficiency by automating payment plansDeborah SwiecinskiTier 1Dan Rogerson07/01/2014Project is on track
HP Universal and Xerox Global driver upgradeThis upgrade is meant to support the latest HP and Xerox Universal driver for the academic and administrative printers on campus.Wayne C. JonesTier 2Gerry Reyes07/01/2014Project is on track
New Arts Building (NAB)Capital Project for the Construction of the New Arts Building & Art Studio BuildingMollie McCuneTier 2Anthony Redifer07/08/2014Project completed with better than expected results
StarREz Student Housing SoftwareReplace current RMS system with new product.Ellen NeufeldtTier 3Michael (Mike) Little07/10/2014Project is on track
Alternative ODU Website for Emergency PreparednessProvide a method for the existing University web to give way to an emergency site that provides only urgent information and is maintained by University Marketing and Communications, anytime, from anyplace.Jennifer MullenTier 1Grace Little07/14/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
Fixed Assets ODS reports Phase IIPhase II consists of 2 parts: 1. Modifying existing reports and 2. creation of three new ODS reports.Donna BeanTier 1Victoria Nicholls07/17/2014Project is on track
OpenDS Replacement ResearchOpenDS serves as the General Campus LDAP and provides authentication for nearly all non-Active Directory services. OpenDS lost community Support during the Sun->Oracle purchase and has essentially been deprecated. This project is to evaluate the current LDAP server landscape to determine a suitable replacement. John (Doug) StreitTier 1Todd Dergenski07/22/2014Project aborted
Banner Financial Aid 8.20 UpgradeUpdate Banner Financial Aid to version 8.20Jane Dane'Tier 1Robert (Bob) Fricovsky07/25/2014Project is on track
Update student billing process to support Touchnet payment plansThe implementation of the Touchnet Payment Plan Manager will require changes to the existing student billing processes.Deborah SwiecinskiTier 1Dan Rogerson07/25/2014Project is on track
Data Center Automation AppCurrently the data center performs all work and documentation through manual and paper processes. These processes are repetitive and frequently paper logs must be dredged through to gather data needed on work performed. The manual operations and logging functions consist of: 1. Opscan work requests log in/out, running and documentation of results returned 2. Key tracking in/out with daily audits 3. Operations Center Visitor login logout (vendors) 4. Daily temperature checks and logging The purpose of this project is to create an app to automate these functions at the Data center window and within the data center.Rusty WaterfieldTier 1David Hamel07/31/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
Addition of CE/NC Courses to MIDAS/Blackboard SystemsAdd a new Banner role for CE/NC students & courses, use that new role to provision both MIDAS ID's and Blackboard course for faculty/students. Carol SimpsonTier 2David Hamel07/31/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
Deployment of Campus PHP Application ServerDevelop, configure and deploy a LAMP server that can host and provision multiple campus user developed applications concurrently. This server should be running the latest version of RHEL, Apache Tomcat, MySQL and PHP. It should also be running some tool similiar to setUID that allows for application segregation through User ID Management. This request is being submitted to assist in the management of requests for campus developed applications.Rusty WaterfieldTier 2David Hamel07/31/2014No Status
Midas 3.0 User ExperienceDevelop Updated User Interface and User Experience for MIDAS based on collected suggestions, industry practices and focus group feedback. Additionally, must support Parent account creation through a MIDAS Person Repository as well as additional directory data management interfaces to support a MIDAS feed online directory.John (Doug) StreitTier 3Todd Dergenski07/31/2014Project is on track
ITS Website Phase IIEnhance the look, feel, and usability of the new ITS web site. Will work on Computing Hub site as well.Rusty WaterfieldTier 1Grace Little07/31/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
Image Capture Replacement ProjectThe BDM Software - Image Capture for the scanners is being replaced by QSP. Image Capture will no longer be supported after April 2013. Testing in our environment and a rollout plan for the scan stations across campus with Image Capture needs to be completed. Determined WebXtender scanning would be the better solution for ITS. A required patch was planned to be implemented with the Banner spring upgrade. A new date for implementing the patch needs to be determined.Michael (Mike) LittleTier 1Thuy Van Nguyen08/01/2014Project is on track
Desktop and Laptop File System EncryptionPilot implementation and production deployment of File system based data encryption technololgies for the institution. John (Doug) StreitTier 2Emechete Ejike08/01/2014Project is on track
Masters in Special Ed Program PortalThis project will provide application systems with integration into exiting portal, LMS, and others that will allow the entire special ed program to work cohesively with all faculty and students in a distance learning manner. Rusty WaterfieldTier 2David Hamel08/01/2014Project at risk with no corrective actions
BI: International Admissions Analysis and ReportsDevelop a set of reports which can be used by international admission in the analysis of student in the admissions cycle. Analysis will provide information on where international students are in the cycle from admissions checklist, student check-in to registration.Steve RischTier 1Jimmy Patel08/01/2014Project is on track
BI: IPEDS Staff-reportingUsing the ODS to create reports to satisfy the annual staff IPEDS reporting. This reporting uses a November 1 census date with a due date of April.Cheri MurphyTier 1David Kozoyed08/08/2014No Status
Real Time Integration of StarRez and C-Bord DataIntegrate the student check-in process into the C-Bord card center. This will enable students to get into the dorms as part of the check-in process or when the room assignment changes. Integrate the creation of a StarRez record when a student is confirmed in banner. This will enable the student to complete the checklist item for housing as soon as they pay the admissions deposit. Integrate the student picture from C-Bord into the housing system so that the housing staff has a record of the students picture in the system.April KonvalinkaUnknown- needs classificationDavid Kozoyed08/08/2014No Status
NCAA Compliance Tool - GradesFirstApril BrechtTier 1John (Doug) Streit08/14/2014Project is on track
Cisco UC Test Environment and Collaboration Edge ServicesCreate a Pre-Prod test environment for the Cisco UC system and setup the Collaboration Edge service.Wayne C. JonesTier 1Jessica McConnell08/15/2014Project is on track
Portal Phase IIProvide additional functionality via the portal and, as appropriate, through the web and/or mobile app as well. Some of the functionality will be decided during the next few months view the Portal Subcommittee and will be added to this project. Elements will be provided throughout the project time.Grace LittleTier 3Grace Little08/15/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
Upgrade Everbridge & Integrate AlertusUpgrade Everbridge, integrate Alertus and enable student email alerts.Rusty WaterfieldTier 2Allan Fabila08/15/2014Project is on track
Safety Camera UpgradesUpgrade and expand the management and recording system and add 1066 safety cameras to the system.Rhonda HarrisTier 3Rick Lovelace08/15/2014Project is on track
BI: Automation of Enrollment TrackingAutomate the Enrollment Tracking reporting for Headcount, FTE by college and department. This process is currently a manual intensive process that requires staff time to complete. In addition this process will automate the delivery of information to the university leadership and look for alternative methods of distributing the output.Ellen NeufeldtTier 2David Kozoyed08/15/2014No Status
Physical Security Systems Review and Operational and Monitory EnhReview and document all aspects of the University Physical Security Systems and implement operational and monitoring capabilities equal to other critical systems.Rusty WaterfieldTier 1Rick Lovelace08/20/2014Project is on track
Employee Changes WorkflowCreate a Banner workflow to notify departments on campus when a change is made to an employee record that may impact the services they need or access. This will include transfers across departments and promotions within department and even name changes.Cheri MurphyTier 1Dan Rogerson08/21/2014Project is on track
International Student Health InsuranceDevelop a process to provide international student (undergraduate and graduate) information for the purpose of mandatory enrollment in the United Healthcare Student Resources insurance program.Robbin FulmoreTier 1Dan Rogerson08/21/2014Project is on track
CBORD Systems SupportResearch the architecture of the CBORD system and other systems dependent upon the CBORD system and work to bring these services under support of ITS. The purpose is to provide onsite ITS support for server, network, database, application and security. The breath of application support needed will need to be determined based on the work with CBORD, auxilary services and ITS.Wayne C. JonesTier 2Allan Fabila08/22/2014Project is on track
Network Access Switch Evaluation and TestingAs the network group has standardized on Cisco switches in the access layer, this project's object is to thoroughly research, evaluate, and test comparable offerings from other vendors in an effort to reduce lifecycle infrastructure replacement costs in the wired access layer of the network. This project in no way involves the wireless infrastructure. Comparable switch offerings from multiple vendors will be evaluated.Rizwan BhuttaTier 1Scott Daffron08/22/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
Student Success Collaborative Tool for Advisors (EAB)The student success collaborative is a system that provides data analytics and predictive modeling for student success.Carol SimpsonTier 2David Kozoyed08/22/2014Project is on track
Hobsons - Retain IIDetermine data elements and processes needed to support the integration of data from various systems into and out of the Retain CRM. Data will be integrated from disparate systems like housing, preview and banner so that communications can be built to support success of students.Ellen NeufeldtTier 2David Kozoyed08/22/2014Project is on track
New Football Visitors Locker RoomCommunication infrastructure for Visitors Locker room.Willie SpencerTier 1Anthony Redifer08/25/2014Project is on track
WebEx DeploymentDeploy WebEx Cloud services to all Faculty and StaffRusty WaterfieldTier 2Jessica McConnell08/29/2014Project is on track
PLE Server InfrastructureProvide scalability and redundancy of the PLE system.M'Hammed AbdousTier 2John Pratt08/29/2014Project is on track
Hobsons Connect Phase 2 - AY annual updateDetermine data elements and processes needed to support the integration of data from various systems into and out of the Connect CRM. Data will be integrated from disparate systems like housing and banner so that communications can be built to support success of students. Ellen NeufeldtTier 2David Kozoyed08/29/2014Project is on track
BDM- Circulation ServicesConsolidate financial records in digital form and streamline financial function workflows for Circulation ServicesStuart FraserTier 1Thuy Van Nguyen08/29/2014Project is on track
Verizon ORM Decommission - Rollins HallIdentify all Verizon services originating at the ORM and develop a plan to Transition All Sevives Out of the ORM. Verizon has notified ODU that it will not be renewing its lease for the ORM space in Rollins Hall. This means that they plan to remove their equipment by July 1, 2014. ODU needs to be ready before they begin equipment deactivation.Wayne C. JonesTier 1Rick Lovelace08/29/2014Project is on track
Banner Student 8.6.4 ImplementationInstall Banner Student 8.6.4 to support 150% Subsidized and Unsubsidized loan reporting.Mary SwartzTier 1Michael (Mike) Little08/29/2014Project is on track
Faculty Activity SystemThis project is being requested to develop a system that will gather data from a variety of systems and process that data to provide data and statistics on faculty workloads and usage. The data is now collected manually and is processed through work/time intense processes to provide reports to senior level staff at the University. This reporting tool will expedite the gathering and delivery of the needed data.Carol SimpsonTier 2David Hamel08/30/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
New Art Building Capital Project - Audiovisual Intergration ProjThe university is construction a new art building for the College of Arts and Letters. This project is the audiovisual intergration of this building.Mollie McCuneTier 1Kevin Guerin08/31/2014Project is on track
Adobe Connect Upgrade V9Upgrade the existing Adobe Connect Infrastructure from V8 to V9. Provision automation for Course and System management.Grace LittleTier 2David Hamel08/31/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
Check Printing Solution InstallationInstall the Intellecheck software. This is to replace the current check printing solution (Secure32) with a more current and vendor maintained application.Deborah SwiecinskiTier 1Dan Rogerson09/01/2014Project is on track
CVENT for Office of Community EngagementWe will be purchasing CVENT soon, and it will need to interface with Touchnet for payment processing, as well as be integrated with the Shiboleth SSO.Lex ParkTier 1Michael (Mike) Little09/01/2014Project is on track
Entrepreneural (Visual Arts Building)Projection display system in remodeled VAB.Mike CraigUnknown- needs classificationKevin Guerin09/02/2014No Status
BOX for ODUImplement the BOX collaboration cloud solution at ODU for Faculty/Staff. To bring a flexible collaboration tool to ODU to allow faculty and staff to work together with internal and external individuals of the ODU community to share concepts, manage information and create ideas. Eventually the product will be available for students, but that is out of the scope of this project. Rick LovelaceTier 3Jessica McConnell09/03/2014Project is on track
Network Core ReplacementReplace the existing Catalyst 6500 network core module with a virtualized core module running inside the existing Nexus 7000 data center switches.Rizwan BhuttaTier 2Tihomir H. Hristov09/05/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
Aruba ClearPass DeploymentMigrate wireless network and network infrastructure authentication services from Cisco ACS and FreeRadius to Aruba ClearPass.Rizwan BhuttaTier 1Tihomir H. Hristov09/05/2014No Status
F5 Network Load Balancer InstallationInstall new F5 network load balancers in the data center as an eventual replacement for the Cisco ACE30 load balancers.Rizwan BhuttaTier 2Tihomir H. Hristov09/12/2014No Status
BPM2FA - Create Hobsons Prospects Records from Mis-Matched ISIR dStudents whose record has a name mis-match remain in suspense until the student contacts the Financial Aid Office regarding the status of their application. Financial Aid staff would like the ability to communicate with students who have submitted a FAFSA but who have not yet applied for admission. These mis-matched ISIR records need to be moved to Hobsons as recruit records.Jane Dane'Tier 1David Kozoyed09/12/2014Project is on track
Finance Reprts Conversion into Banner JobsubModify reports managed by Rick Fisher so they are now part of Banner Jobsubmission or ran from production cron.Deb SwiecinskiTier 1Dan Rogerson09/22/2014Project is on track
BPM2R - Semi-Annual Student Information Collection ProcessDevelop a process which will require students to provide information prior to being permitted to register for fall or spring semesters. This process will be initiated by a student attempting to register for classes in self-service Banner, although other options for initiating this data gathering requirement should be explored. The information gathered will provide more timely student information which can be used to improve university planning.Mary SwartzTier 2Michael (Mike) Little09/24/2014Project is on track
BPM2R - Students not Returning (Cancellation) Protocol / ProcessDevelop notification process for students who are not enrolling at ODU following completion of a business process with the University Jane Dane'Tier 1Robert (Bob) Fricovsky09/26/2014Project is on track
Hobsons: AY Web Front EndDevelop a web front end to the AY applications to ask questions to the person submitting the application to route them to the correct instance of AY so that the student will fill out the correct application.Christopher FlemingUnknown- needs classificationDavid Kozoyed09/26/2014No Status
Banner Student System Upgrade for 150% Loan Reporting - Phase 2The second part of the 150% loan reporting software to meet the Federal October 2014 reporting deadline will be released in August 2014. This project is to implement the functionality available in this release.Vera RiddickTier 1Michael (Mike) Little09/26/2014Project is on track
BI- Single Signon Enable InsightInsight currently uses the Midas ID and Password for authentication but does not use our single sign-on environment for access and authentication. This is needed to enhance access to Insight products as well as enable integration with other tools like the portal,web content system and mobile.David KozoyedUnknown- needs classificationDavid Kozoyed09/26/2014No Status
BDMS for Engineering Management and Systems EngineeringThe Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Department would like to work with BDMS to scan our many student files.Kim SibsonTier 1Thuy Van Nguyen09/29/2014No Status
AEM WCMS Author Dispatcher w/ Shibboleth LoginAdding an Author Dispatcher to the WCMS environment would give a layer of caching to the WCMS Authoring, which would improve performance. Adding the dispatcher, which is based on Apache, would allow us to leverage Shibboleth as a login mechanism.Jennifer MullenTier 1Grace Little09/30/2014No Status
Blackboard SP15 UpgradeUpgrade the hosted installation of Blackboard LMS system from SP11 to SP15. Inpllement new features. Develop training and documentation for new features. Announce, Deploy and train for fall semesterCarol SimpsonTier 2David Hamel09/30/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
Banner 9 InstallationMany of the BPM Phase 2 projects and new product releases from Ellucian will require the use of an environment which will support Banner XE products. This project is to define requirements for the environment needed to execute Banner XE products at Old Dominion University. Rusty WaterfieldTier 1Michael (Mike) Little09/30/2014Project aborted
Isilon expansionThis project will track the firmware upgrade and addition of disks to the Isilon storage arrayJohn PrattUnknown- needs classificationJohn Pratt09/30/2014No Status
BI: BDM Photo ReportCreate an ODS report to to identify active, capital asset Ptags and indicate the number of associated BDM photos.Donna BeanUnknown- needs classificationDavid Kozoyed09/30/2014No Status
Planning and Expanding Disaster Recovery CapabilitiesDevelop system requirements and implementation plan for the expansion of the DR capabilities for the University to include new systems identified within the 2011 BIA process. These new systems include Exchange email, Blackboard, Midas, Banner BDMS, Banner Workflow, & Degree Works.Rusty WaterfieldTier 3Wayne C. Jones10/20/2014Project at risk with no corrective actions
Finance BDM - A/R Cash ReportsDevelop new BDM application to support Accounts Receivable cash report documents. Space is needed for the impending Rollins Hall renovationMary DeneenTier 1Thuy Van Nguyen10/20/2014Project is on track
Chrome RiverThis project will implement Chrome River Expense, an online expense reporting service.Mary DeneenTier 3Dan Rogerson10/21/2014Project is on track
BPM2RX - Improve Banner Graduation / Commencement ProcessesDiscussions have begun to review the current process that requires students to apply separately for graduation and participation in commencement. This process is confusing, not terribly student friendly and not terribly staff friendly, either. We would like to initiate a project that will “marry” the two requirements in LEO Online and Banner so that students will apply for graduation, indicate commencement participation and provide needed data at the same time in ONE place, not two different websites. This will require development both in self-service and in Banner. This work may fall under the Banner process management/process inventory analysis recently undertaken with Ellucian. One of the comments resulting from the PIA was a recommendation to use Banner as the system of record for commencement information which is currently maintained in a shadow system managed in the Commencement Office. We may need to determine whether or not Ellucian consultation is required for this project. Members of the Registrar’s Office staff and I have reviewed the current Banner functionality and, if we understand it correctly, the forms and resulting data do not meet the needs of the Commencement Office. We will need development of Self-Service Banner functionality as well as Banner tables and a new form at minimum.Mary SwartzTier 1Robert (Bob) Fricovsky10/24/2014Project is on track
Life Cycle Replacement for FY14 for Administrative SystemsLife Cycle Replacement for the remaining Administrative Systems.Wayne C. JonesTier 2Barrie Sutton10/31/2014Project is on track
Research Fax collection and routing to BDM in Rollins Hall.The offices in Rollins Hall receive information via fax which they print and scan into Banner Document Management (BDM). An assessment of what is needed to capture this fax traffic and make it available to BDM without printing and scanning is needed.Jane Dane'Tier 1Thuy Van Nguyen10/31/2014Project is on track
Incident Response Management /Dispatch SoftwareThis project will deliver a set of 3 modules/products from Interact as outlined in a scope of work. Contract is currently being vetted and procurement is to be completed soon. MODULE: Interact Records Management Online Modules (RMS) - 6 weeks before school starts MODULE: Interact CAD/Map 10.2,Tactical Mapping for CAD stations- by January 1, 2014 MODULE: Interact Mobile, GPS tracker, Hardware=Safeword server, NetMotion Advanced, NetMotion Mobility XE Rhonda HarrisTier 2Rick Lovelace10/31/2014Project is on track
data domain replacementThe current data domain unit used for backup of non-security context data is EOL. A new unit is to replace the current unit. This project tracks the replacementJohn PrattUnknown- needs classificationJohn Pratt10/31/2014No Status
Enable EDURoam Wireless Network AccessEnable EDURoam wireless network service.Rusty WaterfieldUnknown- needs classificationTihomir H. Hristov10/31/2014No Status
BPM2 - Define and develop Banner XE environmentAn environment to support Banner XE applications must be developed. This project will be to determine the requirements, develop costs for and additional software and hardware needed and to implement the environment. Ellucian professional services are an option to quick-start the project.Ellen NeufeldtUnknown- needs classificationMichael (Mike) Little10/31/2014No Status
Domestic Graduate Student Health InsuranceThe current domestic graduate health insurance provide is Aetna. Starting in July, 2014 United Healthcare Student Resources will provide this coverage. This project is to change the current processes providing data to Aetna to meet the data requirements of United Healthcare Student Resources.Brian PayneTier 1Dan Rogerson11/14/2014Project is on track
BPM2RX - Implement Banner General Proxy AccessProxy Access allows a person to set up access for a proxy, to designated Self-Service Banner pages. For example, Ellucian University has decided to define two types of proxies, parents and potential employers. Proxy Access enables Ellucian University to allow students to authorize parental proxies to view pages such as, but not limited to, student schedules, assessments, final grades, and emergency contacts, and authorize potential employer proxies to view only student schedules and e-mail addresses. Once these decisions are configured, students will then have the option to set up proxies. Each student can then decide who they want to serve as a parental proxy and who they want as potential employer proxies. Students may also decide to not set up any proxies. For each proxy, a student can select specific pages from the list of available pages to authorize. For example, a student could set up the following proxies: • Dad, a parent proxy, who can see assessments and emergency contact information. • Mom, a parent proxy, who can see student schedule information and emergency contact information. • Acme Corporation, a potential employer proxy, who can see student schedule information. Note: If this student has a sibling at Ellucian University, that sibling could set up different proxy information and each parent could have access to different data for each child. A proxy is a single entity within the system that is identified by their e-mail address. When a proxy logs in to Self-Service Banner, the proxy must specify which person they will be acting as if they serve as a proxy for more than one person. The proxy may switch between persons by selecting the tab for the person that they would like to act as. Note: Proxies are authorized for specific pages, for a specific time frame. Jane Dane'Tier 1Michael (Mike) Little11/21/2014No Status
Document Banner ExtractsDevelop / update a list of all Banner extracts, their purpose, who receives them, how they are transmitted and what data is provided.John (Doug) StreitTier 1Michael (Mike) Little11/21/2014Project is on track
MyAdvisor Implementation Phase IIPhase II of the implementation of Hobsons’ AgileAdvisor (MyAdvisor) will allow secondary advisors to be assigned to students so that students will be able to not only schedule appointments with people in financial aid, Honors College, Educational Accessibility, the students’ minors, etc., but staff in these roles will be able to access information loaded to the system from the primary advisorSandy WatersTier 2David Kozoyed11/21/2014No Status
Student Opinion Survey - Phase III (DL Reporting)DL/REG as currently redefining Banner codes used for different types of distance/online courses based on location and modality. The changes are needed to accurately reflect technology changes in delivery methods. After these changes are implemented (prior to fall 2014) new reporting will be needed to provide feedback on course/instruction quality to the students. These reports were previously discussed but left out of the SOS reporting system due to the impending changes.Carol SimpsonTier 1David Hamel11/30/2014No Status
Business Impact Analysis (BIA)ODU's policy is to evaluate the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) every three years. This project will review the BIA approved in 2011 and update to reflect the University's current business processes and resources necessary to maintain them in case of a disaster. The project will survey departments on their key business processes, analyze the results, update the current BIA and submit to Senior Management for approval.John (Doug) StreitTier 2Bruce White11/30/2014Project is on track
BDM Registrar Historical Images ProjectThe registrar's office contracted with ILM to image admissions, class rankings, financial aid, it pro and student records. The images have been temporarily copied to a network drive for backup. This is a request to have the images analyzed and have an application built to support the access and retrieval of the PRC images in the Student Records folder currently on the J drive. Mary SwartzTier 2Thuy Van Nguyen12/01/2014Project is on track
Fixed Assets ODS Reports Phase IIIPhase III consists of modification requests to existing reports Donna BeanTier 1Jimmy Patel12/01/2014No Status
Help Desk Strategy PlanningThe CIO has requested a project to research the information and provide an action plan so we can transform the ITS customer, the internal staff along with their current procedures and the ITS website. Wayne C. JonesTier 1Candice Goodin12/05/2014Project is on track
Parental NotificationProviding information and access to parents through mail, web and portalJane Dane'Tier 2Grace Little12/15/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Design and Budget OptionsThe goal of this project is to engage vendors, data owners, IT Security, IT Technical Staff and IT Audit in order to gain a strategy, design and quotes for implementing MFA in for various options, to varying degrees, so that budget recommendations can be provided and implementation project(s) can be planned.Rusty WaterfieldTier 2John (Doug) Streit12/19/2014Project is on track
Blackboard to Banner Upgrade ProjectThis project is being established to develop the interfaces necessary to provide near real time integration between the University LMS (Blackboard) and the University SIS (Banner). Near real time integration between Blackboard and Banner for this project involves the interactive exchange of all course information including CRN, faculty, student enrollment through the deployment of the SIS LIS components and the development and implementation of an automated process to improve grade exchange back to Banner. Carol SimpsonTier 2David Hamel12/20/2014Project at risk with corrective actions
LDAP directory replacementCurrently we are running opends as the software behind the campus ldap directory. This software is no longer being developed. We have decided to switch to 389 directory server.John PrattUnknown- needs classificationJohn Pratt12/22/2014No Status
UPay Landing-Page PCICredit card purchases are being conducted via UPay\Touchnet from sites hosted on the odu.edu website. Due to the way these UPay transactions are redirected they pose a risk to the person performing the transactions and to the institution. ODU owns this risk. The way to address the risk without impacting the continues support and operation of ODU’s main web site is to build a PCI compliance (and more secure) web host where the UPay landing pages will reside. This will allow for added security where needed without prohibitive measures being taken on our WCMS and legacy website system. In January 2015, PCI 3.0 becomes enforceable, which specifies the security practices needed to address this risk.John (Doug) StreitTier 2John (Doug) Streit12/31/2014Project is on track
Budget Unit Director (BUD) Banner Audit pilot and FY2015 auditThis is a project to facilitate the pilot and first production use of MIDAS 3.1 functionality that is being developed for enhanced Banner Online Audit functionality.John (Doug) StreitTier 2Todd Dergenski12/31/2014No Status
Developed Code Analysis and Bug DetectionCurrently there are a number of areas within ITS and throughout the University that develop software (program code) in various languages such as C, C++, Java, PHP and others. Prior to being put in production, there is no quality checking or determinations related to security issues within the code. Bad coding practices that create stack overflows, cross site vulnerabilities and many others are preventable with code analysis. This discovery project is to review and analyze a number of the top products that can do this for implementation at ODU.Rusty WaterfieldTier 3David Hamel12/31/2014No Status
Network LCR 2014-2015 Access LayerLife cycle replacement of end-of-life network access layer switches for fiscal year 2014-2015.Rizwan BhuttaTier 1Sheila Brinck01/01/2015Project is on track
Accounts Receivable Tax Debt Set Off AutomationThe Accounts Receivable department would like to automate the IRMS Tax Debt Set off process. 1- automate the notification of students that there is a pending tax match on their account. 2- automate the process required to provide a match update in the IRMS system.Delores WhiteTier 1Dan Rogerson01/16/2015Project is on track
BPM2RX - Adviser PageThe new Ellucian Banner XE Adviser page presents information gathered from twelve Banner forms in a single page to assist advisers in supporting their students. This project is to install, configure and test this new functionality,Sandy WatersTier 1Michael (Mike) Little01/30/2015No Status
BPM2RX - Banner XE RegistrationInstall, configure and test the current (pre-general availability release) version of the Banner XE Registration product. Be prepared to implement the general release version of the product when it comes available in December 2014. The final implementation will be done prior to or as part of the March 2015 Banner upgrade.Jane Dane'Tier 1Michael (Mike) Little03/27/2015No Status
Rollins Hall Renovation.Interior renovations to improve space usage and upgrade finishes. Responsible. IT will support/install Voice, Video and Data services.Dave RobichaudTier 2Anthony Redifer05/10/2015Project is on track
New Arts Studio Building (NASB)Communication infrastructure for New Arts Studio Building.Mollie McCuneTier 3Anthony Redifer05/30/2015Project is on track
Siemens PLMThe proposed project calls for installation and support of Siemens PLM software on the University computer system. The software is primarily intended for engineering students and faculty but users from different disciplines would be able to use it as well, e.g. Business, Science, and Education.Mileta TomovicTier 3Warren Marcelino06/30/2015Project at risk with corrective actions
BPM2RX - Remove SSN as Previous ID in BannerSocial security Numbers (SSNs) was once the primary identifier used in the Banner system. When University Identification Numbers (UINs) were assigned the SSNs were retained as a secondary identification number. This information needs to be removed as it is visible in several Banner processes. This project will have four components: 1. Remove all SSNs currently stored as secondary identification numbers 2. Confirm SSNs are properly stored in the locations provided in Banner for their storage and use. 3. Update the SSN search functionality which currently searches the secondary ID to search the proper Banner locations to return a student's UIN. 4. Identify and correct any other processes which may have used secondary ID as a source for SSN information and remove them from the system or correct then to read from the proper Banner location, whichever is appropriate.John (Doug) StreitTier 1Michael (Mike) Little06/30/2015Project is on track
Evaluate Restricting or Masking Sensitive Data in BannerSensitive personal information is available throughout Banner INB forms and through table level access to data. This project will review what options are available for restricting, by role, access to this information, and select the most appropriate option for protesting this sensitive information. Once the method is selected, Ellucian will be consulted as to the availability of professional services to assist in the implementation of the methodology. The final result of this project will be a project, or set of projects to implement the methodology selected.John (Doug) StreitTier 1Michael (Mike) Little07/01/2015Project is on track
Banner Chart of Accounts RebuildDevelop and implement a new Chart of AccountsMary DeneenTier 3Dan Rogerson07/17/2015Project is on track
Teamworks to Banner for Academic SchedulesTeamworks would like to link up to banner to download schedules.Stephen VillanuevaTier 1Todd Dergenski07/31/2015No Status
Banner BPM Phase 2 - SEESPhase 2 pf the Banner Process Re-engineering effort. This program will focus on Student Records.Ellen NeufeldtTier 3Michael (Mike) Little01/15/2016Project is on track
New Education Building120,000 gsf New Ed building, signature architecture with classrooms, staff and faculty offices, informal learning space, multi-purpose room and 7000gsf addition to the child study building. ITS will support/install Voice, Video and Data services.Mollie McCuneTier 2Anthony Redifer06/30/2016Project is on track
Dining Hall BuildingODU is building a new dining hall behind Diehn. This building will server the students in the quad for a full dining eatery. On the second floor we will host a meeting center for the Board of Visitors.Willie SpencerTier 3Dwayne Smith08/26/2016No Status