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Billing & Rates

All printing and copying expenses are charged to departments on a monthly basis. Charges are based on actual usage monitored by software integrated to track accurate usage for each department.

ITS compiles and totals the departmental copy amounts on a monthly basis according to access code. Currently, departments are charged $0.0225 for black and white and $0.10 for color per impression/print/copy. Some low-volume copiers have a volume minimum in place that could result in a higher per copy rate.

At the Printer


Key operators request paper by emailing copycentral@odu.edu. The email must identify the machine by location, the model number, and the ESI number. Numbers are located on the device. Please do not send a request directly to an individual staff member as it may delay your delivery. The copycentral email account is monitored daily for service requests.

Paper is delivered directly to the departments. Departments that use Copy Central provided copy paper in their non-MFD office equipment will be charged for the excess usage. Excess paper charges will be determined based on MFD paper usage or paper order analysis.

Service Calls

The department's key operators should enter a Footprints ticket for all issues with the machine. Please do not contact ESI directly. Additionally, Copy Central will monitor devices and may identify a problem remotely and request a service call for a device. Key operators should notify Copy Central when service is requested so that service activity can be logged and evaluated.

The University's service agreement provides four-hour response time, with service calls made Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If the service call is placed late in the business day, the call will be responded to on the next business day. In the interim, users may access other devices on campus using their ODU ID card.


Basic operation training will be provided to the key operators and other essential personnel when the device is installed. In-depth, on-site training is available to departments by request. Key operators may schedule an individual training time by e-mailing copycentral@odu.edu. Campus-wide training sessions will be announced at a later date.

Supplies (Toner & Staples)

All normal operating supplies for the copiers are provided, including toner and staples. It is recommended that a set of toner cartridges and one box of staples per machine be on hand in the department. Devices producing large volumes may want to keep a slightly larger stock on hand. When supplies are needed, key operators will go to www.esi.net to request supplies. Orders will be filled promptly.

Recycle Toner Cartridge

When the toner cartridge is empty, place it back in the box and send/deliver it to the ODU Techstore in the Webb Center next to Starbucks for recycling.