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Network Printing

Need Help?

For network printing issues, contact your Technical Support Professional (TSP) or report problem to copycentral@odu.edu

Multifunctional devices can utilize the University network to help increase productivity and assist users in working more effectively. Most multifunctional devices are connected to the ODU network. This connection permits for advanced document management capabilities.

Access from your Desktop

Just as you can use the network to print to a local printer, you can direct your work to the multifunctional device. To access the device, request installation of an MFD driver from your Technical Support Professional (TSP). Once installed, simply chose the MFD devices from your list of available print options.

Remote Monitoring

The MFD network connection permits key operators and copy central staff the ability to check on the devices from their desktop. Views and alerts provide status on toner, paper and printer errors without leaving the work station.

Remote Meter Reading

Monthly usage readings can be obtained through the network connection. Human error is replaced by automation. Automated readings improve billing accuracy and reduce disruptions.

Network Connections

ITS is responsible for the coordination, implementation and approval of any service or equipment that requires connection to the University's telecommunications and network infrastructure. Departments are financially responsible for any relocation costs.