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Key Operators

The Key Operator is the local expert who has been trained on how to operate the equipment. Each device has an assigned at least one Key Operator. This includes adding paper, toner, and staples; clearing paper jams; and doing other minor troubleshooting. The Key Operator is also the person that will receive e-mails and other communications from Copy Central. Each department will receive an operator's manual with each copier. Users may also download a copy from this site. See Equipment

Key Operator - Desktop Monitoring
Key Operators will be able to monitor all devices under their supervision from their desktop PC through the device's Internet address which acts as a real-time monitoring station. The key operator can determine if supplies need refilling or if a paper jam exists.

Key Operator - Ordering Supplies and Storage
Key operators may order supplies directly from the Dispatch Center of Electronic Systems. Supplies are delivered to the location specified by the key operator. Contact Electronic Systems can be made via telephone using the telephone number on the device or by e-mailing a request to dispatch@esi.net. When contacting ESI, please provide your name, location, and the Equipment ID, which is on the device.

Departments will no longer need to store large amounts of copier supplies. It is recommended that a single toner cartridge and one staple set per machine be on hand in the department High volume users (greater than 200,000 annual copies) may need to store up to three items per device.

Key Operators Reports
Departments have a new tool to use in managing copy-print resources. The standard billing report provides managers offline analysis and tracking information not previously available on campus. Departments can identify use patterns, discover misuse, recover costs more easily, and devise their own controls to manage operational costs. More detailed reports are available upon request.

Key Operators listserv
Key operators are members of a community list service to share information on operation, features, service, and customer satisfaction.

Not sure who your device's assigned Key Operator is?
Contact Copy Central.