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Copy Central FAQs

How do I order paper?

Key operators request paper by emailing copycentral@odu.edu. The email must identify the machine by location, the model number, and the ESI number. Numbers are located on the device. Please do not send a request directly to an individual staff member as it may delay your delivery. The copycentral email account is monitored daily for service requests.

Paper is delivered directly to the department. For more information, see Services.

Whom do I contact if the machine malfunctions?

Key operators are trained to troubleshoot minor problems. However, if the machine needs technical service, the key operator can enter footprint ticket at http://fp.odu.edu or email itshelp@odu.edu. Note that networked multifunctional devices are monitored centrally and problems can sometimes be determined remotely. If Copy Central identifies a problem requiring service, they will place the service call on behalf of the department.

How long will it take to respond to my request for a service call?

Service calls are responded to Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. In general, service calls will be responded to in four (4) hours or less. If the service call is made late in the business day, the call will be responded to by the next business day. In the interim, users may access other devices on campus using their ODU ID card.

What does the key operator do?

The key operator is the local expert who has been trained on how to operate the equipment. This includes adding paper, toner, and staples; clearing paper jams; and doing other minor troubleshooting. The key operator is also the person that will receive e-mails and other communications from Copy Central.

What is a multifunctional device?

Multifunctional devices are defined as print technology products presenting functional support for printing, copying, and scanning through the addition of software or through connection on the University network. Desktop printing devices are not managed by Copy Central .

How can I get my multi-functional device connected to the ODU network?

ITS is responsible for the coordination, implementation and approval of any service or equipment that requires connection to the University's telecommunications and network infrastructure. Unauthorized equipment may not be connected. Departments are financially responsible for equipment relocation costs. Contact the Copy Central administrator at copycentral@odu.edu for further information

The copier in my area does not appear as an option on my print menu. How can I get this added?

Notify the key operator, they can coordinate with your department's Technical Support Professional (TSP) and have the device driver distributed to you.

The machine won't recognize my ODU ID, who do I contact?

Contact copycentral@odu.edu and provide your name, the location of the device, and the name of the department for which you are employed. Also, view "procedures" for information on third party cards.

How do I get training?

Training will be provided to the key operator at the time of installation. Departmental training can be scheduled.

This copier does not meet my department needs. Can I get another copier?

Once a year, in June, your usage will be reviewed and adjustments can be made at that time. However, please make your needs known at any time by contacting Copy Central.

Can I still use the multifunction device when the network goes down?

Yes, however, there is an exception. If you have used the device before with your swipe card, the device will recognize you as an authorized user. Because your authorization information is retained in the memory of the swipe card reader, you will have no difficulty using the device. If you try to use a device that you have not used before, no information is on record and it won't recognize you as a valid user.