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Card Access

Best Practices

  • Budget unit directors should confirm eligibility for new employees to access devices by confirming that employment records are complete.
  • Make sure the magnetic stripe on the card faces you.
  • If you store the card in a protective cover or plastic sleeve, remove it before swiping.
  • Be sure you have a current ID card.
  • After copying, press the END key.
  • If your device is out of paper or inoperable, use your card at another device. Ask your local contact for locations.

Access by University ID

All employees authorized to make photocopies will swipe their photo ID through a card reader to active the device and make copies. The per-copy charge will directly charge to the budget code associated with the cardholder. Official employment through established University procedures must be completed to enable access.

Use of University Equipment

As with any University business equipment or material, departments are responsible for advising employees of their responsibilities when using University equipment. MFD devices are available to the campus for bona fide university-approved use. Employees should not access devices for personal use. Misuse of equipment and materials may result in violations of University policy and can lead to dismissal.

Authentication Process: How it Works

The card reader on each machine is connected to the ODU network. When a card is swiped, the card data is read and verified against the institutional employee record. The user ID, the device name, time and date, and volume and type of transactions are recorded. The transaction record provides the accounting data that becomes the basis for billing.

  • Any ODU employee can use any device on campus and the cost is charged to the employee's department.
  • Authentication controls insure that only authorized employees are accessing University equipment.
  • Greater transaction detail is captured so departments can better understand office usage and manage output costs.

Departmental Multifunctional (MFD) Card Access

Under certain circumstances, budget unit directors may request and be approved to receive additional ODU-issued Departmental Multifunctional (MFD) Cards. These cards provide departmental-level authentication, billing and reporting for specific budgets or grants and permit volunteers and others to access a multifunctional device. The transaction record provides the departmental ID, the device name, time and date, and volume and type of transactions are recorded for billing and reporting.

Departmental Multifunctional (MFD) Cards are issued in the following circumstances:

  • For specific budgets/grants
  • Volunteer cards
  • Adjunct faculty, graduate assistants and student workers without individual access
  • Employees on loan to another department
  • Any employee working in more than one department.

Charges are posted to the primary department of record.

Requesting a Departmental Multifunctional (MFD) Card

Requests for Departmental Multifunctional (MFD) Cards must be submitted in writing to Copy Central Administrator, Information Technology Services, 4300 Engineering & Computational Sciences Building. Email requests cannot be accepted.

The request must include the following information:

  • Department name/grant name
  • Budget Code
  • Reason the card(s) are needed
  • Ink signature of Budget Unit Director

Terms & Conditions

Departmental cards are issued to the budget unit director or their designee. Budget unit directors are responsible for the use, control and the accountability of the Departmental Multifunctional (MFD) Cards.

Since Departmental Multifunctional (MFD) Cards provide the same access to computing, networks, telecommunications and electronically stored information as individually-issued ODU ID card, this privilege is contingent upon prudent and responsible use. Access to MFD devices as provided by departmental cards is granted to the individual only.

The budget unit director is required to document departmental card usage by authorized individuals. Access logs are required to collect the name of the authorized user, start date and time of use, and end start date and time of use. No other user or transaction data is required. Logs are to be maintained in the department on a fiscal year basis. Log records may be destroyed 30 days after June 30 of each year. In any investigation of an abuse or misuse, the budget unit director must provide the appropriate University personnel (i.e. IT security, auditor, police, etc.) with the access log information for inspection.

Approved Deparmental Multifunctional (MFD) Cards

After the request is approved; Copy Central will notify the budget unit director or designee via email that the cards are ready for pick up. There is a three-day turn-around for processing MFD requests. The cards will bear the name and identifying code of the department or grant.

Incident Reporting

Compromises in security can potentially occur from every level of information technology device, including networked multi-functional devices. Departmental personnel are required to report suspected or actual security breaches to the University's Information Security Officer.

The cards will bear the name and identifying code of the department or grant, rather than the name of an individual. Use and control of third-party MFD cards are the responsibility of the budget unit director.

Message: Sending Boot Message

There was an issue with the system resetting itself overnight and not coming on in the morning. This issue is fixed, however, if any user sees this issue again, please contact Copy Central. The card reader and the devices should not be rebooted.

Message: Card not Recognized

The reader may not be adjusted properly. Sometimes swiping upward will work better than swiping downward. Users can do this as a temporary fix until the adjustments can be made.
Make sure the magnetic strip on the card is facing up and toward the reader. If a user swipes the card and the reader does NOT display a message other than the 'Swipe Card' message, the card does not contain the necessary information on the magnetic strip. Users must go to the University Card Center and have the magnetic strip re-coded.

Message: Card Invalid

This indicates an invalid match with information in the ODU database. If the card is new or a new replacement, the card will not work until after the database is updated with new information. Please wait a day, then contact Copy Central. The University Card Center cannot assist and should not be contacted. Users may opt to use a departmental third party card while database is being updated.

Reporting Lost MFD Card

The loss of individual ODU ID cards should be reported to the University Card Center, 1110 Webb Center. Replacement fees will apply. The loss of a MFD card should be reported to the Copy Central Administrator. Fees will be assessed for replacement of MFDcards.

Restricting Access

Under the most severe circumstances, a budget unit director may elect to prohibit (or rescind) individual employee authorization to use the multifunctional devices. By contacting the Copy Central Administrator, access can be removed on a temporary or permanent basis. Access removal cannot be performed on a device-by-device basis. Once removed, access to all devices is denied.

Standard Timeout

The Card Reader has a set time out of 180 seconds or 3 minutes. So that the next user does not have to wait for the time to expire, users should press the END key after use.