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Leadership & Management Dev. Certificate

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  • Any classified employee (previous supervisory experience not required)
  • Faculty Administrators
  • Full-time Faculty members
  • Direct supervisory responsibility includes the following: hiring, terminating, assigning/reviewing work, and conducting performance appraisals. Eligibility to skip track one will be verified by the Department of Human Resources prior to acceptance into the program.

Program Enrollment

To participate in the LMDC Program, you will be required to:

  • Read and agree to all information contained in this brochure.
  • Submit a completed application form signed by you and your supervisor.
  • Attend all required courses designated by your specific track of training.
  • Actively participate and adhere to standards set forth by Training & Development.
  • Complete designated end-of-program assignments prior to receiving certificate.

Training Materials


At Old Dominion University, we believe that a well-trained team of leaders and managers is able to inspire others, and foster attitudes that create quality, and add value and excellence to products and services provided to all customers.

The Leadership and Management Development Certificate Program (LMDC) provides Old Dominion University employees the opportunity to learn and share experiences and knowledge with colleagues and experts. The goal of the program is to provide participants with tangible knowledge and resources in the areas of leadership, communication, diversity, management practices and self development. Upon completion of the program, participants should be able to assimilate what they have learned to their work environment.

The three tracks are designed as building blocks that start with the more fundamental and lead to the more advanced aspects of leadership

All participants are required to start with track one and complete each track in sequence.

Course Registration

Upon acceptance into the LMDC Program and the specified track, employees are automatically registered for all course modules designated for that track. Participants are not required to register for individual courses. Those who do not apply for the program, but meet the minimum eligibility requirements may be allowed to attend individual program courses on a first come, first serve basis, and based on availability. Individuals interested in taking specific courses and do not wish to enroll for the entire track must email Cheryl Foreman at cforeman@odu.edu to request exception. No registrations for individual courses will be accepted online, just via email. Course dates, times, and locations are posted on the HR/Training Web Site. Participants will be sent reminders a week before each required course. Participants are required to sign-in at the beginning of each course. Attendance is closely monitored to ensure accuracy when awarding certificates. Participants must arrive on time to all courses. Participants who arrive more than 30 minutes past course start time may not receive credit for that class.


The program course modules are designated into three "tracks" or levels of training: Associate Practitioner, Management Practitioner, and Senior Management Practitioner.

Associate Practitioner

(Associate Practitioner) is designed to improve the participants' personal effectiveness and work ethic. This track focuses on providing the participant with personal leadership and self development skills that can be immediately put into practice. Track One is designed to set a foundation for the remaining two tracks. It focuses on the core fundamental aspects of leadership and allows both non-supervisors and supervisory personnel to gain value from exploring these foundations.

Management Practitioner

(Management Practitioner) focuses on more intense and interpersonal topics related to being a leader within a richly diverse environment. The completion of track one is required prior to enrolling in track two.

Senior Management Practitioner

(Management Practitioner) focuses on more intense and interpersonal topics related to being a leader within a richly diverse environment. The completion of track one is required prior to enrolling in track two.

If you participated in the previous year LMDC Program and did not complete requirements for a certificate, you may complete any classes missed during the current program year. If the class that you are missing is not included in the current year program, please contact the Training and Development Consultant to discuss alternatives. The Training & Development Office will then assign you to the correct track and automatically register you for the classes you need to complete. (Contact Cheryl Foreman at cforeman@odu.edu.)