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What is WebEx?

WebEx is a web conferencing service that allows you to meet, collaborate, present, and share content - all on the web. You can meet face-to-face with HD video conferencing. Share your entire desktop, or specific documents or apps, with everyone in the meeting. Participants can also give "remote control" to others for demonstration or support purposes.

As an ODU faculty member can I use WebEx for classes?

Faculty members will find WebEx to be a useful collaboration tool that can be used for many purposes such as:

  • Conduct virtual office hours
  • Collaborate with project teams and provide virtual support to students
  • Share documents, videos and presentations in real time
  • Meet online with prospective students, current students, colleagues, and alumni

This web conferencing service is administered and supported by ITS, the ITS Help Desk can assist you with any technical issues or questions you may have with WebEx. However, if you would like to utilize WebEx for live instruction or to replace your regular class time you will need to coordinate this with ODU's Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT).

How is WebEx different than other web conferencing services on campus such as Lync, Skype, Adobe Connect, or Google Hangouts?

WebEx differs from Lync and Skype because it allows many individuals to get together rather than just two that are capable with Lync and Skype. WebEx differs from Google Hangouts in its display sharing and remote control capabilities.

WebEx can replace the video chat and features of Skype; a WebEx meeting will need to be scheduled to use the video and IM features.

Can I use the WebEx service from home?

Absolutely, WebEx is a cloud based service that can be used from anywhere with an internet connection. However, keep in mind that a slow internet connection, high CPU usage, and high memory usage can affect the quality of the audio and video.


How do I sign up for an account?

If you are an ODU staff or faculty, your WebEx account is created automatically when you first visit odu.webex.com login by entering your MIDAS credentials. If you cannot access your WebEx account, contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance at 757.683.3192 or itshelp@odu.edu.

How do I log on?

Open your preferred WebEx compatible web browser (see compatible browsers) and navigate to odu.webex.com. Log in to WebEx using your MIDAS username and password.

What is the cost?

The WebEx service using VoIP audio (microphone/speakers on your device) is available to ODU faculty/staff at no charge. There may be a charge for using the WebEx service if another audio method is used. See table below for details:

Audio Options


WebEx VoIP audio (default)


WebEx toll phone audio (must request)

$.025 per minute

WebEx toll-free phone audio (must request)

$.06 per minute

NOTE: Users must submit a telecommunications work order in order to obtain access to WebEx phone audio. This request must be submitted and processed before you are able to use your phone to participate in WebEx conferencing.
Can I invite people that do not have accounts to a meeting?

Yes, you can invite anybody you want to a WebEx meeting. You can schedule them in the meeting, providing them with a link to the meeting, or provide them with the meeting number they can use at odu.webex.com to join the meeting.


Can I record my meetings?

Yes, the host of the meeting is able to record the meeting. The videos can be saved on your local drive or in the cloud. . Each user is allocated 500GB of storage which is approximately 3 hours of meetings.The file is stored in a proprietary format but can be converted using the utility found here: http://www.webex.com/play-webex-recording.html. For network based recordings an email can be sent with a link to the recording.

How much storage space can I use for my recordings?

Storage for recorded WebEx sessions is currently capped at 250 MB which is approximately 1 hour of WebEx recording with video, or 15 hours without video. WebEx network based storage is not intended for long-term storage of WebEx recordings. You will want to download your WebEx recordings to your local computer or network drive for long- term archival of WebEx recordings.

Where can I find my WebEx recordings?

Your recordings are located in the Meeting Center Tab, in the left-hand menu, under "Host a Meeting" and then "My Recorded Meetings."

Audio and Video

How does video work?

WebEx video allows you to display video (or chose not to share video) from any connected video device. This includes a built-in laptop camera or most USB webcams.

How does WebEx audio work?
  • Integrated VoIP (default setting)

VoIP audio that uses the microphone/speakers built into your computer or an external microphone is available for free. If your computer does not have integrated speakers or microphone or you wish to have higher quality audio, you can purchase a handset of your choice from the Monarch Techstore or any other electronics retailer.

  • WebEx Phone Audio (Optional & Recommended)

For the best audio quality we suggest using the call-in/call-back audio service. This provides either a call-in number that is included in the meeting notice or allows the WebEx service to call your number to connect you to the conference. This is an optional service with fees associated with it. In order to get this service activated a work order must be entered with the office of Telecommunications.

  1. Toll: The toll call option (2.5 cents) is cheaper but long distance charges (4.5 cents) will also apply when dialing from on campus for a total of 7 cents. Please consult you cellular service provider for information on long distance charges for your provider. This option is best for when you will have many non-ODU participants calling in and will not incur the long distance charges.
  2. Toll Free: Please see http://www.webex.co/pdf/tollfree_restrictions.pdf for Global Toll-Free Calling Restrictions
  • Conference Calls

If your meeting consists of 4 or fewer members you can use your Cisco IP Phone to hold a conference call. The meeting presenter will still be able to share content and video but the meeting will not track the current speaker. This is a great way to have high quality audio without additional charges.

What are some ways to improve audio quality?

If your microphone is picking up excess background noise you can disable automatic volume control by selecting the audio drop down menu at the top of the meeting, selecting speaker/microphone audio test, and then unchecking automatically adjust volume box.


What smartphones and tablets are supported by the WebEx?

WebEx has mobile applications for most IOS and Android devices as well as some Windows and Blackberry devices. See WebEx Documentation for detailed guides for each mobile device.

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