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Entering Grades

Grades are due within 48 hours after the final exam. Distance learning grades are due within 48 hours of receipt of the exam by the instructor.

PDF Instructions

Instructions for Loading Grades

All grades are to be submitted by faculty through LEO Online, according to the deadlines published by the Registrar's Office.

  1. Log in to the LEO Online secure area

  2. Select Faculty & Advisor

  3. Select Final Grades (or Progress Report Grades if applicable)

  4. Select and submit a term

  5. Select and submit a CRN (or enter the CRN directly using the link provided)

  6. Enter grades using the drop-down box next to each student's name. Select only valid grades for level and type of course.

  7. Click Submit to save your grade entries before leaving the page (your work will be lost if you do not SUBMIT the grades). A message will tell you the grades have been submitted. This message will appear only once.

  8. If you have more students, go to the next page of your roster to load their grades.

  9. If you have more than one course reference number to enter, use the Faculty & Advisor link to select another CRN and follow the steps above.

  10. You may wish to print a copy of the grade rosters for your records. Check with your department to see if a departmental copy is required.

  11. When you are done, click EXIT on the upper right of your screen to log out of LEO Online, andclose your browser.

Students Who Stopped Attending

You can see whether a student has officially withdrawn from your class by viewing your Summary Class List for a course:

  • Log in to the LEO Online secure area
  • Select Faculty & Advisors
  • Select Summary Class List
  • Select and submit the term
  • Enter or select the CRN for the course

The roster will tell you the current registration status of any student who was registered for that CRN after the drop deadline. Students who have officially withdrawn will remain on your class roster and receive a grade of W.

University policy states that a student who stops attending classes without withdrawing from the course will receive a grade of WF (unofficial withdrawal), except if the student's performance has been an F, in which case a grade of F will be assigned. The grade of WF carries no grade points, and will be computed in the grade point average as a grade of F. This policy is published in the University Catalog, Withdrawal from Classes or From the University.

To review the policy on giving Incomplete (I) grades, please refer to Grade Information or see the University Catalog, System of Grading.