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LIONS (Large Integrated Online Networked Services) is the Linux/UNIX environment created primarily for academic computing created by the ODU Information Technology Services. A LIONS account is needed to access the "General Purpose" Linux/UNIX resources or to access the "High Performance" Linux and UNIX resources supported by ITS. Although any current faculty, staff or student is eligible for a LIONS account, only a small percentage actually need one. Please make sure that YOU need this kind of account before you have one set up.

Requesting A LIONS Account

Activation of your LIONS accounts is processed via MIDAS (Monarch IDentification and Authorization System) located at at http://midas.odu.edu. When you activate your LIONS account from MIDAS, it may take upwards of thirty minutes for your account to be created. Please be patient during this process. If it exceeds thirty minutes, please send an email to itshelp@odu.edu explaining the situation.

Please note that even though you can set up your LIONS account thru MIDAS, it can not and does not give access to certain resources, such as departmental software, nor does it assume any quota beyond the system defaults. To get access to departmental software or to increase your quota once you have set up your LIONS account, please contact your Instructor or send an email to itshelp@odu.edu to request such access.

Accessing Your LIONS Account

You may access your LIONS account any number of ways. While there are several systems in the LIONS architecture, the preferred systems to use for remote access are lin-login.lions.odu.edu (short for Linux Login) or sol-login.lions.odu.edu (short for Solaris Login). If you have access to department LIONS clients, you may use them as well. You can access most LIONS systems remotely using the "SSH" protocol. The "TELNET" and "RLOGIN" protocols are not supported. You can also access LIONS remotely in a graphical session via the X-Window network protocol using the Windows-based X-Win32 or PuTTY programs. Information about X-Win32 and PuTTY can be found on the LIONS web page. You can also "ftp" files to or from your LIONS account, but only if you point your FTP client to ftp.lions.odu.edu. Please see the Remote Access pages for more information on how to do this.