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Geographical Information Systems

An organized collection of computer hardware, software, geographic data, and personnel designed to efficiently capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze, and display all forms of geographically referenced information.

Faculty & Staff Access

The University is part of a statewide educational software license for the use of GIS software created by the ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute).

These software products include: ArcGIS 9.1 Desktop (and extensions), ArcGIS Server 9.1, ArcIMS 9.1, ArcView GIS 3.3, ArcPad 6.0.3 (with Application Builder), and BusinessMap 3.5. The license allows ODU to use ESRI software throughout the organization for teaching, research, or administrative purposes for a single annual fee.

There is no additional charge to faculty and staff. See the Site License Program page for more information.

GIS Resources

The OCCS site license also provides unlimited access to all online (Virtual Campus) tutorial courses and workshops authored exclusively by ESRI. Courses authored by third-parties outside of ESRI are not included in this subscription.

These courses are available in the Course Catalog. Once you have selected a course, email gmcLeod@odu.edu for the course authorization code needed to begin study. Course participants must have ESRI software installed in order to complete course exercises. Visit www.esri.com for more.