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Conflicts of Financial Interest

To determine whether a disclosure is required, please complete the form Identifying Conflicts of Significant Financial Interests.

If you answer YES to any of the five questions asked of you, you must disclose your significant financial interest to your Dean, who will subsequently forward it to the Vice President for Research. Disclosure can be accomplished by completing the Conflict of Interest and/or Commitment Disclosure Statement.

The Disclosure Statement is a request for written approval to engage in non-University income-generating activities. You will be asked to acknowledge that you will disclose these activities:

  • annually,
  • whenever substantial change in such activities occur, or
  • when required by granting agencies.

You are also required to complete Virginia's Statement of Economic Interest Disclosure Forms located on the Secretary of the Commonwealth's Conflict of Interest page.

It is important that you understand that state and federal agencies have legitimate concerns that any research they sponsor is free of bias due to financial interests of the investigator and institution, that funds provided be expended as intended, and that the commitment of time and effort be appropriate for the project supported.