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Severance Benefits

This policy provides severance benefits to full-time employees (classified employees, teaching and research faculty, and administrative and professional faculty) who have been involuntarily separated from state service in accordance with Policy 1.30, Layoff. Restricted positions are also eligible for severance benefits. (However, restricted positions contingent upon grants are ineligible unless the funding source has agreed to assume all financial responsibility in its written contact with the agency). Severance benefits or transitional severance benefits are designed to lessen the impact of involuntary separation by providing some cash payments, continued state contribution toward health and life insurance premiums for twelve months from the effective date of separation, or an enhanced retirement option. The maximum severance benefit an employee may be entitled to is 36 weeks of salary. When an eligible employee is re-employed with the State severance payments cease. Employees placed in a separated-layoff status are not eligible to receive severance benefits.

1.57: Severance Benefits