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Graduate Assistantships

Teaching and research assistantships are available to full-time graduate students who meet the requirements listed under the Graduate Assistantship Guidelines. Stipends vary by program and college.

Categories of Graduate Assistants

Teaching Assistant (GTA)

Participate directly in teaching activities, such as the teaching of a course or holds responsibility for a laboratory section, or is assigned to specific instructional support or related activities The University recognizes two levels of graduate teaching assistant responsibilities and activities, i.e., the Instructor Level GTA and the Assistant Level GTA.

Research Assistant (GRA)

Participate directly in research or support activities conducted by faculty members or administrators. There are three sources of funding for GRAs: those funded through Commonwealth sources, those funded by local funds, and those whose stipends are paid by the Old Dominion University Research Foundation (ODURF) from grants and contracts.

Administrative Assistant (GAA)

Participates directly in the support of the activities of a University administrative unit (e.g student services or athletics).


Additional Employment

Grievance Procedure

Graduate Student Financial Support Manual