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Worker's Compensation Leave

Employees incapacitated by an injury or illness caused by their job and whose claim has been approved by the insurance carrier, shall receive workers' compensation leave with pay to cover their absences. (Note that coverage varies based on whether the employee is in the accrual sick leave system or the VSDP sick leave system.) For the first 92 calendar days of absence, employees receive workers' compensation leave for the total period of absence. After 92 days, leave with pay may be extended for 60 work days. After payment of the 60-day work supplement, for each workday missed, the employee will receive 2/3 workers' compensation leave. The employee may choose to charge 1/3 of their sick, annual or compensatory leave balance or request leave without pay to cover the total period of absence.

Workers' compensation leave cannot be recorded or compensated until the employee provides a physician's verification that the absence from work was due to the job-related injury or illness.