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Recognition Leave

Recognition leave may be awarded to classified employees to acknowledge their contributions to the overall objectives of the University. Recognition leave up to 5 work-days may be awarded to a classified employee (hourly employees are ineligible to receive leave) in a calendar (leave) year. The value of recognition leave awarded is not included in the computation of monetary awards the employee is eligible to receive per fiscal year. The process for awarding recognition leave depends upon the guidelines established by the appropriate senior administrative area. An Immediate Recognition Form is required to award recognition leave, and should include the basis for the award and the amount of leave. The department should send the form to the Department of Human Resources. Human Resources will document the recognition leave for reporting purposes and notify the Payroll Office to credit the recognition leave for the employee.

When the employee uses the leave, it is recorded through web time entry.

Recognition leave lapses within 12 months from the date it is awarded. However, the University may extend the 12-month retention period for recognition leave if the department has been unable to allow the employee to use the leave.

An employee will be paid in a lump sum for his/her recognition leave:

  • when the employee leaves state service by resignation, retirement, layoff, termination or death.
  • when the employee is transferred, promoted or demoted from one agency to another.
  • when the employee is placed on long term disability under the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program.

In addition, the University may pay employees for their recognition leave balances if:

  • at the end of the 12-month period, the department has been unable to allow the employee to use the leave, or
  • the employee moves from one department to another within the University.