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Annual Leave

The annual leave policy allows all full-time classified employees to accrue annual leave at rates that correlate to the employees' years of service. Part-time classified employees receive annual leave on a prorated basis. Annual leave balances may be carried over up to maximum accrual rates. The 12-month period that the carry over is based on is January 10 through January 9.

The following chart shows the number of hours accrued and the maximum accrual rates (for full-time classified employees) based on years of service:

Years of Service Hours Earned Per Pay Period Maximum Carryover Limit Maximum Payment Limit
up to 5 years 4 hours 192 hours 192 hours
5 through 9 years 5 hours 240 hours 240 hours
10 through 14 years 6 hours 6 hours 288 hours 288 hours
15 through 19 years 7 hours 336 hours 288 hours
20 through 24 years 8 hours 384 hours 336 hours
25 years and more 9 hours 432 hours 336 hours

Annual leave is intended to be used as time off for vacations and other personal reasons. It may also be used for absences in excess of the credits available for other kinds of leave.

Annual leave credit is not provided during the pay period when:

  • an employee is on unauthorized leave for any part of the pay period;
  • an employee is on suspension without pay for any part of the pay period;
  • an employee is on leave without pay for any part of the pay period;
  • an employee is hired after the first day of the pay period;
  • an employee has insufficient leave balances to cover an absence;
  • an employee has been absent for 90 consecutive calendar days, regardless of the type of leave to which the absence is charged.

When employees separate from state service, they will be paid for any unused annual leave, up to the maximum payment limits.