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Important Tips

  • ITS support all applications purchased from the ODU Site License Program.
  • Installation and maintenance of applications not purchased through the site license program are the responsibility of the user; as are installation and maintenance of applications on standalone and home computers.
  • Microsoft Office 2010 is currently the University's productivity suite - newer versions will not be supported in the standard configurations until all testing has been completed.

Software Installation (for Windows Workstations)

Many Old Dominion University departments and individual faculty/staff members purchase new or upgraded software packages for use on their desktop office systems, but are unable to install the software due to a lack of administrative privileges. To address this issue, ITS has developed this web page to expedite the process of delivering applications to the individual desktop.

ITS currently sells many of the most popular software products through the Monarch Techstore at significantly reduced prices. Users should check availability of products through ODU's site license program.

Please note that all information on this web page is valid only to those individuals who have obtained software or software upgrades AFTER Windows was initially set up on their desktops. (Software applications that are intended for installation at the same time as a Windows upgrade or installation should be coordinated during the operating system installation and system configuration).

If your request requires the installation of hardware; such as scanner, or other peripheral; do not follow the procedure outlined on this page. For all installations requiring hardware/peripheral installation, please contact the ITS Help Desk to place your request.

There are various methods which will allow ITS to deliver applications to the individual desktops:

Installation by Technology Support Provider
Most areas of the University currently have a Technology Support Provider (TSP) who assists in the delivery of computer support in their respective areas. These TSPs provide a valuable immediate front-line response for faculty and staff. This includes systems support, software installation, and IT information and recommendations. If you have software that needs to be installed, please contact the ITS Help Desk and request the installation be performed by your TSP. An incident report will be opened to track the installation for you.
Installation by ITS Technician
For areas that do not have a TSP assigned, computer support is provided by ITS technicians. If you have software you would like installed, please contact the ITS Help Desk and request the installation. An incident report will be opened to track the installation for you. Please be sure that a phone number is provided so the installing technicians can reach you if necessary.
Network Pull Technology/Network Push Technology

Currently, ITS is deploying both server and workstation utilities that will allow us to provide Network Pull and Network Push software installation technologies. This will allow ITS to either push the software to your desktop or provide you with an icon where you can select the software to be installed. These technologies are still being deployed around campus but will be available in the very near future. Once fully deployed, this will considerably speed up response time for installation requests.

After you have submitted a request for software installation, please be certain you have the original software serial number, CD Key, or proof of ownership available to the technician who will be doing the installation. If the software was purchased from the Site License Program, please have a copy of the procurement sheet.

If you have any questions or comments before, during, or after your software installation, please contact the Help Desk at 757.683.3192 or email itshelp@odu.edu.