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WCMS Training

Access Request Form

You should only complete the Adobe CQ Access Request Form after you have been invited to attend the WCMS training and have scheduled your session.

Access Request Form

Requesting Training

Users are invited to training as the University Web Team is close to beginning their office's migration to the WCMS.

If you are new to an office that has already migrated, you can request the current schedule of training offerings by sending an email to:

Jason Phenicie

    Director of University Web & Electronic Communications
  • 1001 Koch Hall
  • Norfolk, VA 23529
  • 757-683-3114
  • jphenici@odu.edu

All users must complete the Adobe CQ WCMS training session before access to the system will be provisioned.

The training session covers the very basics of using the University's web content management system, Adobe CQ.

Training Session Topics

  • ODU website philosophy and concept
  • Website management roles
  • System access and terms of use
  • Logging in
  • Changing password
  • CQ concepts
  • Creating the ODU standard page
  • Page properties and metadata
  • Sidebar
  • Calendar system/adding an event
  • Creating navigation
  • Layout/styling tools

Post-Training Access

Users who represent offices that have already completely migrated to the WCMS will be granted access to their content shortly after completing the training session.

Users who represent offices that have not completed migration to the WCMS will not receive access until after the migration is approved and complete.

All users who complete the training have access to a "sandbox" where they can become familiar with the system and experiment with components and layouts.

Advanced Topics Training

As time and available lab space allow, advanced topics training is offered to users who successfully completed the required training session. The advanced topics training is conducted as a hands-on forum where users can propose topics to be covered.

Sampling of Advanced Topics Covered

  • The Digital Asset Manager (DAM)
    • Browsing assets
    • Downloading assets
  • Adding video to pages
  • Advanced components
    • Advanced Sections
      • Reference
      • Headers and Footers
    • Horizontal Rule
    • Link Button
  • List components
  • Container components