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Download & Install

On Campus

Please contact departmentally-assigned Technical Support Person (TSP) to install WebDrive on your machine on campus

At Home

The ITS help desk cannot troubleshoot installation on home or personal computers. While it is a simple procedure, proceed at your own risk.

  • Download the version of the WebDrive software below that matches your version of Windows. You will be asked for your MIDAS ID and password.
  • Find where the program was downloaded to, and double-click it to start installation.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen for finalizing set up. No settings should need to be changed from their default values.
  • At the prompt, restart your computer.
  • Once you have restarted, follow the Configuring WebDrive instructions at left.

WebDrive has built-in support for the industry standard SSL protocol. WebDrive will open an encrypted tunnel between the client computer and the remote server; giving you secure transmission of critical data over the Internet.

WebDrive is only compatible with faculty websites and student organization websites. University pages in the web content management system are not accessible through WebDrive.

Configuring WebDrive

In order to configure WebDrive, you will be logging into ODUEdit Pro. Although you may use ODUEdit Pro as a HTML editor in the future, in the following steps you will only be using it to initially setup your account on the new server, and to download a special “WebDrive Client Settings” file that will configure WebDrive for you.

The following steps require a MIDAS account.

  • Go to ODUEdit.
  • Click on "First Time Users", enter your information and click "OK" to initialize your account on the web server. This process may take several minutes -- email webadmin@odu.edu for status information on your online request.
  • Once you have received confirmation of your request you may login to ODUEdit Pro
    • USERNAME: your MIDAS I
    • PASSWORD: your MIDAS password
    • LOCATION: the full URL (web address) of the website you wish to edit.
  • Once logged into ODUEdit Pro, click the "WebDrive connection settings" link in ODUEdit Pro. Enter a name for the WebDrive connection and click the "Create" button.
  • Click "Open" on the download window and click "Yes" to the confirmation prompt.
  • Continue to the instructions for connecting to WebDrive

If you have questions on configuring your WebDrive settings email webadmin@odu.edu.