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Faculty Websites

Teaching and research faculty members can request space to develop websites for instructional purposes and to post course information, vitae and related material.

Faculty websites are located in the ODUEdit environment and are maintained via ODUEdit or WebDrive/WebDAV. Development of instructional sites in the University's web content management system is currently not available.

Activating Web Space

In order to activate the web space, faculty must do the following:

  • Go to ODUEdit and click "First Time Users"
  • Select the second option ('I am a faculty member...')
  • Enter your email information and MIDAS ID information
  • Click Next to agree to terms and conditions of web use

A site will be activated (i.e.: www.odu.edu/~userid). This is the URL you should provide to your students and peers.

Once the above steps are performed, contact itshelp@odu.edu so the appropriate file settings are configured for your use.

Maintaining Your Content

If the Center for Learning Technologies (CLT) will be maintaining your instructional site, contact them.

If you wish to maintain your own website content, you have your choice between two methods:

  • ODUEdit Pro - Easy, ideal for novices or users desiring easy upkeep. Use of the faculty website template requires use of ODUEdit Pro and use of ODUEdit Pro requires use of the faculty website template.
  • WebDrive - Allows direct access to your web space and is the most advanced and flexible option.

Add Your Faculty Website to your University Profile Page

A Faculty Activity System profile is required to add a website link to your University profile page.

  1. Log into the Faculty Activity System.
  2. On the Activities Database Main Menu, select "Personal and Contact Information" under the General Information heading.
  3. Scroll down until you see the "Personal Website" box.
  4. Enter the full URL (www.odu.edu/~midasid) for your faculty website.
    (Note: Only the first URL listed will be accessible from your University profile page)
  5. Scroll to the bottom and press "Save and Return."

Changes made in the Faculty Activity System will take 24 to 48 hours to process and appear on the live website.