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Asset Upload & Update

All digital assets must be loaded via the forms located below. Please be certain to select the correct form for the type of digital asset you are uploading.

Please be certain to complete all required fields for your asset. Assets received without complete information will not be added to the digital asset manager (DAM) until full information is received.

You can pre-set some of the metadata using software you may already have on your computer, such as Photoshop, Acrobat and Windows Explorer.

Digital assets will be loaded into the DAM within three business days and you will be notified when it is available.

A MIDAS login is required to access all upload & update resources

Upload New Assets

* ZIP file upload can be used for multiple related images or for large documents. See ZIP requirements on the Upload ZIP File form.

Update Existing Assets

Note on Filenames

Images must be named with no spaces, in all lowercase. You may use dashes to separate words. Example: my-digital-photo.jpg

Please try to name your images with some descriptive keywords as the CQ finder uses the filenames in addition to metadata and tags to surface results.

PDFs can be named with spaces and in proper case. However, they must have the .pdf extension. Macs often omit this, so it may need to be manually added.