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CQ System & Web Team Updates

Sidekick Refresh & New Tags

New Sidekick Component Categories


The basic, most-used components.

  • Columns
  • Float
  • Heading
  • Horizontal Rule
  • Image
  • Link Button
  • Ordered List
  • Quick Facts
  • Quote
  • Section
  • Table
  • Tabs
  • Text


Less frequently used components that may require additional training for proper use.

  • CMC Jobs Widget
  • Embed Form
  • Facet Group
  • Facet List
  • Location Map
  • Page Index
  • Policy Revisions
  • Policy Signatures
  • Reference


Components that utilze the common list creation interface.

  • Contact Info
  • List Assets
  • List Entries
  • List Events
  • List Pages
  • Places Info

Media & Social

Components that allow placement of media and social integration on the page.

  • Facebook Like Button
  • Feature Slider
  • Gallery
  • Instagram Feed
  • Live Chat
  • Live Person
  • Twitter Feed
  • Video
  • YouTube Player


These components should only be used by admins.

The sidekick will have new component categories beginning Friday, April 11. These changes will alleviate some of the scrolling necessary to access components as well as better catagorize them by function. The new sidekick configuration appears at right.

The following tags have been added to the system for your use in your calendar and news entries:


  • Entrepreneurship (Student Success > Entrepreneurship)

Organizational Unit

  • College of Continuing Education & Professional Studies (Academic Affairs > Academic Colleges > College of Continuing Education & Professional Studies)
  • Entrepreneurial Center (Academic Affairs > Entrepreneurial Center)