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CQ System & Web Team Updates

New Asset Upload/Update Forms

Based on your feedback on the asset upload/update forms and processes, the Web Team has launched revised forms for the photo upload, document upload and document update. We have also added a separate form and process for submitting ZIP files for larger photo collections and large documents. The revised forms are still accessed through the CQ Toolkit at www.odu.edu/website/cq

Changes in the new forms:

The confirmation page will show the details of your submission

You will receive an auto-generated confirmation email with the details of your submission

When the processor completes the upload or update, the response email will also have the details of your submission to assist you with tracking the requests

The document asset update form verifies the existence of the file you are requesting to update to ensure that both you and the processor are working with the correct file

The document asset update form also verifies that the new file matches the same file type as the original (PDF for PDF, etc.)

Updating Document Assets

Unless you need to have archived versions of a document available on the live website, we strongly recommend that you name the original file based on the content and omit any reference to dates or timeframe (our-handbook.pdf vs. our-handbook-2014.pdf). When you have a new version of the document ready for uploading to the live website, you can submit it via the document asset update form. This will replace the source file in the DAM and no links to the asset will need to be updated. If you wish to have a reference to the date or version in the document title, you can request that the title be updated at the same time.

ZIP Files

You can use ZIP files to submit assets if you have a large collection of related photos or documents or if your photos or documents exceed the individual file size limit. After adding your file(s) to the ZIP file, you will use ODU's ZendTo service (http://lfs.odu.edu) to send the ZIP file to yourself (step-by-step ZendTo instructions are at the bottom of the Upload ZIP File form), which will generate a Claim ID and Claim Passcode. You will enter the ID and Passcode on the Upload ZIP File form. The processor will use these to retrieve your ZIP file.

wikiHow has a good overview of how to create ZIP files at: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Zip-File