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Directory Update: Update a Position's Web-Friendly Working Title

Important Note:
Do not use ampersands on this form. Ampersands truncate your field data. All "and"s will be converted to ampersands when your form is loaded into the system.

Directory Update: Working Title

Use this form to change the "web-friendly working title" associated with a position # in the directory system.

Web-friendly working titles are available for classified positions, administrative faculty positions and some part-time positions. The position must be classified or begin with FA, FP, GA, GP or HR. We are typically unable to override F0 positions. If there is a need to override an F0 position title, please contact webcomm@odu.edu.

Web-friendly working titles must be close (one-off) in nature to the abbreviated HR title.
HR Title: WEBCOMM SPEC | Web-Friendly: Web Communications Specialist (Acceptable)
HR Title: PR/MKTG SPEC III | Web-Friendly: Director of Outreach (Not acceptable)

This form may only be submitted by content owners and content managers. Forms submitted by others will not be processed.
If you are uncertain who the content owner or manager is for your area, refer to the Web Communications Liaisons.
This form does not update any official information maintained by the Office of Human Resources

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