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Content Management

Content Management Roles


Administrators are members of the University Web Team who are responsible for the site structure, tagging taxonomy and operation of the WCMS. Only administrators can create pages or alter a page's tags (except for news and events).

Content Owner

The content owner is the person within in each unit who is ultimately responsible for that unit's website content. The content owner does not necessarily enter the WCMS and make changes, however, the content owner approves new content managers and content contributors.

Content Manager

Content managers are the primary editors of a unit's website content. Managers can view content, edit content and activate (publish) content. Managers cannot create new pages or alter a page's tags.

Content Contributor

Content contributors assist managers with the editing of a unit's website content. Contributors can view content and edit content, but they cannot activate (publish). Contributors must have an owner or administrator review and activate their changes.

Access & Training

All users must fully complete the CQ training course before being granted access to the CQ web content management system (WCMS). The training course is offered several times a semester. Prior to taking the course, all participants must agree to the access agreement (below) and complete the Access Request form.

CQ Web Content Management System Access Agreement

Acceptable Usage Statement

Users are granted access to computing, networks and information stored electronically contingent upon their prudent and responsible use. Access is granted to the individual and no individual can transfer or share access with another. Customers may not (1) use information or resources for any illegal or unauthorized purpose or act, i.e., to violate state or federal laws or any established policies and procedures of the University; (2) participate in any behavior that unreasonably interferes with the fair use of other customers or harms them in any way; (3) use resources or information for commercial purpose without prior VP-A&F authorization. Customers should know that computer-based files and information located on university-owned computers are regarded as property of the University. Misuse of computing, networking and information resources may result in severe consequences.

Access Terms & Conditions

Your access privileges for the CQ Web CMS may give you access to utilize components and tags and to edit and publish content outside of your area of responsibility. By submitting this access request form, you agree to the following:

  • Utilizing only those components on the list of "Approved Components" located on the "Content Managers & Contributors" page at www.odu.edu/webservices
  • Utilizing only those tags on the list of "Approved Tags" located on the "Content Managers & Contributors" page at www.odu.edu/webservices
  • Editing only the content for which you have been granted express permission, regardless of access in the CQ Web CMS
  • Publishing only the content for which you have been granted express permission, regardless of access in the CQ Web CMS

Violations of the above will result in disciplinary action. First offenses will receive a formal warning. Content managers may have their privileges reduced to contributor. A second offense within a year of the first offense will result in the loss of access privileges.

Users may only re-gain access with the combined permission of the Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications, Director of University Web and Electronic Communications and the user's budget unit director. Users who obtain such permission will need to complete a new training program before access is restored.

Any questions concerning these terms and conditions should be directed to University Web and Electronic Communications.