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Color Palette & Fonts

Color Palette

The university colors are blue (PMS 540) and silver and were selected to be highly distinctive and unique to Old Dominion University. In applications where silver may not be used, grey (PMS 430) should be substituted.

In addition to Old Dominion University's blue and silver school colors, the ODU brand employs six additional colors. These vibrant tones were chosen for their youthful feel and because they retain a sense of energy at lower opacities. They are:

ODU School Colors

Color Swatch - PMS 540

PMS 540

C100 M77 Y38 K36

Color Swatch - PMS 430

PMS 430

C52 M40 Y37 K3

ODU Additional Palette Colors

Color Swatch - PMS 7427

PMS 7427

C25 M100 Y81 K22

Color Swatch - PMS Orange 021

PMS Orange 021

C0 M79 Y100 K0

Color Swatch - PMS 110

PMS 110

C17 M31 Y100 K1

Color Swatch - PMS 283

PMS 283

C38 M11 Y0 K0

Color Swatch - PMS 369

PMS 369

C71 M11 Y100 K1

Color Swatch - PMS Violet

PMS Violet

C87 M100 Y0 K1

Web Color Palette

The Web color palette uses variations of the above colors in regular, light and dark variants. These colors are not direct translations of the print colors because of the ways that colors display on screen versus the printed page.

The university's Web content management system (WCMS) has the Web color palette pre-programmed. Page colors are determined at the time of page creation and follow a coloring rubric (see the Web Style Guide for more information). If you are developing pages outside of the WCMS, you must contact University Web Communications before you begin work.


To further emphasize the layers and levels of design, ODU employs several fonts in designs.

Font Trebuchet Family Font Belizio Family
Font Futura Family Font Bickham Script Pro