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Identity Standards

Our brand is a reflection of the ODU experience and serves as the foundation of our identity. It is defined not only by what we say, but also how we say it-in print, broadcast and the web. The voice and tone of copy, color palette, imagery, design style and typography we use impact the way we are perceived.

Talking Points

Communicators should demonstrate the University's four brand drivers in communications. Talking points are the details that support the brand drivers with proof points providing additional detail.

Logo Usage Standards

All uses of the University's logos and institutional signatures must comply with the usage standards set by University Marketing & Communications.

Athletics Logo Usage Standards

The university's athletic "family" of logos symbolizes both the program's tradition and its future as a strong competitor in intercollegiate athletics. These logos are for exclusive use on athletics products and branded merchandise.

Color Palette & Fonts

The University school colors are blue and silver. The ODU brand employs six additional colors and four font families and one font.