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Footprints Award

Each Student Affairs department has an approved program to recognize outstanding employees, including immediate recognition and "on the spot" awards. The highest division honor is the Footprints Award. There are two categories and two awards - one for administrators and one for support staff. Each recipient receives $1,000 and a framed certificate. The award winner automatically becomes a nominee for university level awards.


  • Demonstrates Division/University involvement over and above core responsibilities
  • Demonstrates diligence, initiative, motivation, cooperation, team work, and assistance to co-workers and other University personnel
  • Dependability and reliability
  • Exceptional customer service (telephone courtesy, positive attitude, cooperation with customers, department knowledge, University knowledge, communication skills)
  • Public and/or community service
  • Participation in professional and staff development activities and evidence of contribution to department or area


2001-02 Jenny Caja, Student Services
2002-03 Sharoyn Baker, Student Activities & Leadership
2003-04 Nicole Kiger, Student Activities & Leadership
2004-05 Sylvia Bennett, Student Health Services
2005-06 Jemima Addico, Student Health Services
2006-07 Judy St. George, Student Health Services
Don Stansberry, Student Activities & Leadership/Student Affairs
2007-08 Margaret Stacy, Student Health Services
Connie Thomas, Recreational Sports
2009-10 Shannon Sauerwald, Recreation & Operations
Barbara Aultman, Office of Student Activities & Leadership