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Employee of the Month


To acknowledge, celebrate and reward employees whose work accomplishments and/or demeanor at work exemplify excellence, quality service and commitment to Old Dominion University.

Criteria for Participation

Any university employee may submit a nomination for the Employee of the Month Award. (Self-nominations do not qualify.) Classified, hourly and administrative and professional faculty are eligible for nomination and selection. Nominees must be employed with the University for 12 months and must be in good standing. (Classified nominees must have a contributor or better rating on the most recent performance evaluation; administrative and professional faculty (AP faculty) nominees must have a satisfactory or better rating on the most recent evaluation; hourly nominees must be performing at a satisfactory level as determined by the supervisor.) The nominee may not have formal discipline issued within the previous 12 months. Nomination forms must be signed by the employee's immediate supervisor and the department head signifying that the employee is in good standing. Nominations remain active for six months from date of submission.

Communication Plan

Information about the Employee of the Month Program will be posted on the University's website. Periodic notices will appear in University Daily Announcements and in Human Resources' quarterly newsletters. Information about the program will be added to performance management, customer service and other related training. The program will be initiated with a joint announcement from the Office of the President and the Department of Human Resources.

Selecting Employees for Recognition

The Employee of the Month award is administered by the Department of Human Resources. A selection committee composed of members of various university departments reviews the nominations and selects the winner each month. Members of the selection committee are appointed by a Vice President and serve two year terms. The committee meets monthly to review nominations and select winners. A meeting date and time will be established for monthly meetings (for example - 1st Monday of the month at 11:00 a.m.).

Criteria for Selection

The criteria used to nominate an employee include the following:

  • An outstanding accomplishment that benefited the department/students.
  • Extraordinary service to internal and/or external customers.
  • Iinitiative/leadership.
  • Enthusiasm/energy given to assigned work.
  • Team work.
  • Exemplary efforts to nurture a climate of care, concern and civility.
  • Creative innovations to service, process or work tools.

The nomination form must include two signatures - typically the employee's immediate supervisor and department head of the work unit in which the employee works. See form.

Announcement/Presentation of Award

The President will go to the employee's work unit (arranged with supervisor) to present the award each month. (Human Resources will coordinate getting the certificate and award notification to the supervisor in advance.)
The University photographer will record the President's presentation of the award. Human Resources will provide nomination data for an article to appear in University Announcements and University News. A picture and brief write up for the monthly award winner will be posted on the University's Web Page and included in Inside ODU - News for Faculty and Staff. Additionally, winner's name will be displayed in Webb Center's Honor Hall.
Winners of the Employee of the Month award will be asked to stand to be recognized (all together) at the State of the University Address.


Each Employee of the Month Award winner will receive a framed certificate. Winners will also receive a recognition bonus - $175 for classified and AP faculty winner; $250 for hourly winners. (The cash bonus is higher for hourly employees since they are not eligible to receive recognition leave.) Classified and AP faculty winners will also receive one day of recognition leave.

July 2014 Jayne Massey Modeling, Simuation & Visualization Engineering
June 2014 Pat Beauter
Academic Affairs Division
May 2014 Allissa Bunner
Facilities Management
April 2014 Son Nguyen Community Engagement
March 2014 Rufus McGowan Mail Room
February 2014 Karen Cobb
Alumni Relations
January 2014 Ebonie Robinson
Career Management
December 2013 Justin Mason Department of Physics
November 2013 Mallory Shurtz Athletics
October 2013 Carlton Gatling Facilities Management
September 2013 Stacy Nixon Development Office
August 2013 Thea Jones Office of Finance
July 2013 Elli Goyette Development Office
June 2013 Sherry Davis President's Office
May 2013 Randy Farley Facilities Management

April 2013

Christina LiPuma

Community Engagement

March 2013

Loreta Ulmer

Center for Learning and Teaching

February 2013 Jeanette Dias Office of Research

January 2013

Michael Roggow

Foundation Accounting

December 2012

Michael Ashley

Facilities Management

November 2012

Nick Turner

Web University Center

October 2012

Trevor Adderley

Facilities Management

October 2012

Mark Hall

Facilities Management

October 2012

Dave Purdy

Facilities Management

September 2012

Lex Park

University Events

August 2012

William Mahaney

Regional Higher Education Centers

July 2012

Shirlene Pettaway

University Operations

June 2012

Theresa Mathews

Office of Academic Affairs

May 2012 Jimmy Patel Office of Computing and Communications Services
April 2012 Charles "Chuck" Thomas University Marketing and Communications
March 2012 Elizabeth Vipperman Distance Learning - TELETECHNET
Feb 2012 Jacqueline Barrow Athletics
January 2012 Andrea Battle-Coffer Communication and Theatre Arts
December 2011 Geraline Upshur Faclities Management
November 2011 Sandra Reardon Office of Computing and Communications Services
October 2011 Linda Baker Military Science Department
September 2011 Cindy Gall Educational Fund Raising
August 2011
Brenda Roth
Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
July 2011
Frankie Lopez
Facilities Management
June 2011
Vinecia Bunch-Goodman
Political Science & Geography
May 2011
Deborah Giles
Political Science & Geography
April 2011
Mike Debowes
Student Conduct & Academic Integrity
March 2011
Chrisie Brown