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Creating a Culture of Evidence

More information on Creating a Culture of Evidence

This document explains how assessment professionals can begin the development of a culture of evidence on their campuses, including some strategies for resolving conflict and engaging faculty in the assessment process.

Creating a Culture of Evidence Among Faculty and Administrators

Identifying and using best practices in assessment is relatively easy especially in areas driven by accreditation and accountability. We know, or can quickly learn, how to write measurable outcomes, design valid measures, and collect, analyze, and report data to make improvements in our programs. Getting administrators and faculty, in particular, to participate in assessment, value assessment, and use assessment data to improve their programs is a more difficult challenge.

Issues in Higher Education

  • Tranformation to a learning institution
  • Creating a culture of evidence-based decision making
  • Focus on student learning versus teaching
  • Improving student success
  • Continuous quality improvement (CQI)
  • Institutional Effectiveness