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EVMS Medical/Engineering Program


Program in Bachelor of Science/Medical Doctor (BS/MD)

Engineering the ultimate machine: the human body

Old Dominion University has a joint program with Eastern Virginia Medical School designed to encourage outstanding and highly qualified students to receive a B.S. from Old Dominion University and a M.D. from Eastern Virginia Medical School. A student can choose any of the undergraduate programs available at Old Dominion University, including any in engineering or engineering technology.

The field of medicine is becoming increasingly more dependent on technology, as well as exploiting engineering and technology for its advancement. A medical professional, therefore, will have a clear advantage by having an educational background in engineering. Among numerous such examples is an orthopedic surgeon who understands the principles of mechanics, or a neurosurgeon who understands electrical fields, or a medical researcher who has experience in computer modeling of either tissue mechanics or cardiovascular flows. Students can apply after the completion of their freshman year at Old Dominion University.

An engineering or engineering technology student accepted into the BS/MD Program will be placed in a select group of students who will pursue their engineering education supplemented by unique medical and research experiences to prepare them for medical school.