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Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

COUN 689

Understanding Military-Connected Children and Families

Participants will learn about the unique academic, social, and emotional challenges faced by military connected children and their families. Participants will review, analyze and practice research-based learning and behavioral strategies and interventions to address these needs. This course will also introduce effective practices for supporting children through deployment separation, reunion and reintegration, and grief and trauma, including promoting school connectedness, fostering resiliency, facilitating coping skills, and designing customized academic, social, and behavioral supports. This course includes a service learning component.

FOUN 662

Assessment and Evaluation for Schools Serving Military Connected Children and Families

This course will introduce participants to the Military Consciousness Assessment Toolkit (Mil-CAT), a comprehensive package designed to guide program evaluation processes in schools that serve military connected students and families. Participants will engage in authentic processes including needs assessment, process evaluation, formative and summative evaluation, and technical report generation. Assessment efforts will focus on the areas of school responsiveness including: academic and social-emotional support for military connected students; school leadership and administrative processes (to include school records); military cultural and local contextual responsiveness; and school-community-military partnerships. Participants will evaluate the outcomes of the assessment process in terms of significant dimensions such as the consistency, sustainability, and individualization of the school's ability to respond to the needs of military connected students.

ELS 629

Design of Service Delivery Plans to Meet the Needs of Military Connected Children and Families

This course will model and demonstrate an array of tools that may be implemented at the individual, small group, classroom, and school-wide levels to meet the social, emotional and academic needs of military connected students and their peers in P-12 school settings. Participants will be introduced to the design, implementation, and evaluation of service delivery plans (SDPs) for the purpose of addressing the unique needs of military connected children and families, as well as to increase the human and resource capacity in schools to more effectively and efficiently offer programs, services, and strategies to benefit all students.

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