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Certificate Program

Graduate Certificate in Military Child and Families Education (Credit)

Children of military families confront significant obstacles to quality education due to frequent moves (an average of 9 moves during their K-12 years), family stress attributable to deployments, and in some cases the loss or serious disability of a parent.

The ODU Military Child and Families certificate program will provide educators with specialized expertise in meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of military connected P-12 students. Teachers, counselors and school leaders in this program will take 12 credit hours of lecture and service learning work that will actively engage them in:

  • building the foundational research-based knowledge and skills that are requisite for identifying, understanding and meeting the needs of military children and families,
  • collecting and analyzing school-wide, classroom and individual assessment data to identify and prioritize the specific support needs of their military connected students and families; and
  • applying their foundational and assessment knowledge and skills to design and implement research-based, flexible, adaptable and assessable programs that meet the identified needs of their military connected students and families in order to help ease transition, facilitate adjustment, and improve academic and social development outcomes for these students

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