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Professional Development

LENS Activities

LENS HS Teachers in the field

LENS professional development activities include:

  • Wetlands and watershed based scientific inquiry experiences that link to SOLs in Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Field study locations adjacent to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay
    Experiential application of Nature of Science principles
  • Creation of assessments designed to measure student growth in experimental design and scientific investigation skills
  • Creation of an Earth Science curriculum unit

LENS Capacity

LENS HS Teachers at mircroscope

LENS builds capacity within high schools by helping teachers to:

  • Improve their understanding of inter-disciplinary connections among the sciences
  • Develop the skill set needed to create growth oriented student assessments
  • Increase their emphasis on Nature of Science principles and scientific investigation skills
  • Reflect on critical aspects of their practice
  • Explore and commit to evidence-based changes to instructional practices
  • Use strengths-based peer coaching throughout the school year

LENS Buidling Blocks

2012 LENS Summer Institute Participants

LENS uses a combination of:

  • Intensive summer institutes
  • School year cohort meetings
  • Online interactions and discussions
  • Access to scientist and education faculty experts

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