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Podcast - PowerTeaching with Kelsey Metro

KVGB Radio's (1590) "Room 428"

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"Room 428" interview with PowerTeaching Coach Kelsey Metro

The following series of podcasts are recordings of an interview with Kelsey Metro, the math coach at Great Bend Middle School, Great Bend, Kansas, and KVGB'S own Patrick Burnett.

The discussion is on how the new method of teaching math, known as PowerTeaching, is working in the Classroom.

Part 1

  • What is PowerTeaching?
  • How has it been accepted?
  • Where does PowerTeaching start?

Part 2

  • How is PowerTeaching funded?
  • How do the schools participating in PowerTeaching communicate?
  • Is there a curriculum for PowerTeaching?
  • How is PowerTeaching and the Common Core going to merge?
  • How long is the grant?
  • What's the process for assessing PowerTeaching?
  • How have the students responded (to PowerTeaching)?
  • Does PowerTeaching make teaching math easier for the math teacher?

Part 3

  • Are the other participating schools middle schools?
  • With PowerTeaching's emphasis on cooperative learning, what do students do individually?
  • Is there goal setting in PowerTeaching?
  • Does PowerTeaching allow students to celebrate their success?
  • Do different components get added to PowerTeaching over the three year cycle?
  • For the research, how is PowerTeaching being evaluated?
  • What kind of math is included in PowerTeaching?
  • What are the favorite parts of PowerTeaching?
  • Could PowerTeaching be something that is implemented on a wider scale?

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