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Adobe CQ Help:Sidekick Problems

Common Issues

My sidekick isn't showing any of my components or page options


Check 1: Are you in preview mode?

Double-check that you are not in preview mode. If only the green bar is visible, look at the arrow next to the "?" button... if it's facing down, you're in preview mode. Click the arrow to enter edit mode.

If your arrow is pointing up, look at the bottom row of buttons. The pencil icon should be "pressed." If the magnifying glass is pressed, click on the pencil icon to enter edit mode.

Check 2: Expand the sidekick

If your sidekick looks like the example at right, you likely need to expand your sidekick. Go to the bottom border of your sidekick until your cursor changes into the up-down arrow. Click and hold then drag your bottom border down until the sidekick fills approximately 2/3 of your screen. You should now be able to see all of your options.