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Embed Form

Component Subtype

Import Content

The Embed Form component allows you to place a form that you have created in the ODU forms application onto a page in CQ.

Important Notes

You currently cannot embed forms that require authentication. These must be set up as a redirect page that redirects the user to actual link in the forms application. Do not link directly to the forms application, but request a new redirect page instead.

The embedding is a one-time process. If you make any changes to the form after you've embedded it, you must re-embed the form. Simply right-click on the component, choose Edit and then click OK when the edit component dialog forms. CQ will re-embed the form.


Before placing the Embed Form component on a page, please check with Web Communications to see if the page is tagged for a form. If it is not, please ask Web Communications to add the form tag.

This component should be used in the main content section, utilizing the full grid-12 main dropzone. After placing the component, you will get an empty component with a request for the Form ID:

Add A form ID here

Right-click that text and choose Edit to access the component options.



Form ID

The only option for the Embed Form component is the Form ID. You must obtain the desired Form ID from the ODU forms application. You can find the Form ID in your available forms listing:


Enter the Form ID and press OK. CQ will import your form to the page.