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Adobe CQ:Setting/Changing Your Password


We recommend that you set your CQ password to match your MIDAS password. Whenever you change your MIDAS password, change your CQ password to match. This will eliminate the need to remember multiple passwords.

While your Adobe CQ author username is the same as your MIDAS ID, your CQ password is not automatically synced with your MIDAS password.

  1. Log into Adobe CQ author (www.odu.edu/cq/author) and access the desktop UI:

    • Click on Sites
    • Continue to hover over the Sites "button" and a monitor icon will appear
    • Click on the monitor icon to access the desktop UI
    Selecting sites in CQ

  2. When the desktop UI opens, find your name listed on the far-right side (#1 in image below)

    Adobe CQ - Setting/changing password
  3. Select Set Password from the user menu (#2 in image above)

  4. In the set password dialog, enter your current CQ password and then enter your desired new password twice. Click OK.


  5. You will receive a notification in the upper-right corner that your password has been changed

  6. Important Step

    After you receive confirmation that your password has been changed, go to the user menu (on the right where your name is) and select Log Out. Then you can log back in with your new password.

Known Issues

Issue Solution
User menu does not show
If you use Google Chrome, you may not have the user menu available to you. You will need to use Firefox or Firefox Portable to change your password.
Not signing out
If you forget to sign out immediately after changing your password, the next action you perform will cause your browser to go blank and throw an error. Close down your browser and then re-start and re-access CQ author.