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Profacts Received Through June 2013

ProFacts welcomes post-announcements from faculty and staff regarding professional achievements. Items may be submitted for: Appointments/Elections, Awards, Books, Certifications, Commissions, Compositions/Arrangements, Degrees, Exhibitions, Papers/Presentations, Patents, Performances and Publications. Send your submissions to: sdaniel@odu.edu.

The following announcements were received in May and June 2013.


INGO HEIDBRINK, professor of history and graduate program director of the history M.A, program, elected council member and chairman of the Nominations Committee of the North American Society for Oceanic History.

MELVINE WALKER, director of marketing and communications for Auxiliary Services, appointed to serve on the board of directors for the National Association of College and Universities Auxiliary Services.


CHRISTOPHER FREE, adjunct instructor of film, a Telly Award for excellence in Internet and online video editing work for a video project, with David Darg, Operation Blessings International vice president, highlighting the rescue of war orphans from rebel armies in the democratic Republic of Congo.


D.E. WITTKOWER, assistant professor of philosophy, "The Philosopher's Book of Questions & Answers" (Adams Media).


ANN TATMAN BENNIS, director, IT policy and project management office, Information Technology Services, "Creating a PMO" at the TeamDynamixHE 3rd Annual User Conference in Pittsburgh. The presentation focused on the key factors involved in setting up a project management office in a higher education environment and the approach ODU used to manage the organizational change associated with a PMO implementation.

INGO HEIDBRINK, professor of history and graduate program director of the history M.A, program, "Let Nature Take Back. Concepts of Monumental Protection in Antarctica" at the annual conference of the North American Society for Oceanic History 2013 at the National Marine Sanctuary - Thunder Bay, Alpena, Mich.

PHILIP LANGLAIS, professor of psychology, "Building an Institutional Climate and Training Programs for Responsible Conduct of Research" at the symposium, "Research Integrity & Responsible Conduct of Research - New Challenges in a Turbulent World," Aarhus University, Denmark. He also took part in a closed meeting to review and provide suggestions on new policies on research integrity. Also, a keynote address, "Research Administrators Leadership and Service Roles in Fostering an Ethical Research Climate," at the SRA International Virginia Chapter Meeting. Also, an invited talk, "Ethics for Non-CPAs," at the annual meeting of the College and University Auditors of Virginia in Virginia Beach.

DEBRA MAJOR, professor of psychology, "Job Stress as a Predictor of Commitment for Men and Women in IT" at the Work, Stress & Health Conference in Los Angeles (co-authors are VALERIE MORGANSON, graduate of the industrial/organizational psychology doctoral program, and HEATHER BOLEN, I/O psychology doctoral student). Also, an invited address, "Gender Differences and Similarities Along the STEM Career Pipeline" at the Association for Psychological Science convention in Washington, D.C. Also at the convention, a co-authored paper was presented by DANTE MYERS, an undergraduate student who graduated in May (with Bolen and Major), "First Generation College Students More Likely to Capitalize on Development Opportunities.


JOHN ADAM, University Professor and professor of mathematics, a chapter, "'Rainbows' in homogeneous and radially inhomogeneous spheres: connections with ray, wave and potential scattering theory," in "Advances in Interdisciplinary Mathematical Research: Applications to Engineering, Physical and Life Sciences" (Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, Vol. 37; Ed., Bourama Toni).

LARISA A. BULYSHEVA, adjunct assistant professor of information technology, "Enterprise Systems in Russia: 1992-2012" in the EIS journal by Taylor & Francis, vol. 7, issue 2 (with lead author Michael Yu Kataev, professor and department head of Automated Control Systems, TUCSR, and co-authors ALEXANDER A. EMELYANENKO and VLADIMIR A. EMELYANENKO, doctoral students). Also, "Segmentation Modeling Algorithm: A Novel Algorithm in Data Mining" in the Information Technology and Management journal by Springer, vol. 13, issue 4 (with co-author Alexander Bulyshev, professor, Strayer University). Also, "Modeling Segmentation Algorithm" in the proceedings of the 2012 Third World Congress on Software Engineering, Wuhan, China (with lead co-author Alexander Bulyshev, scientific researcher at AMA Inc. and NASA).

RAVINDRA JOSHI, professor and Eminent Scholar of electrical and computer engineering, "Configuration Studies for Active Electrostatic Space Radiation Shielding" in vol. 88 of Acta Astronautica (with co-authors H. Qiu and R.K. Tripathi). Also, "Evaluation of a Combined Electrostatic and Magnetostatic Configuration for Active Space-Radiation Shielding" in vol. 51 of Advances in Space Research (with co-authors H. Qiu and R.K. Tripathi). Also, "Physics of Nanoporation and Water Entry Driven by a High-Intensity, Ultrashort Electrical Pulse in the Presence of Cellular Hydrophobic Interactions" in vol. 87 of Physical Review E (with lead author Q. Hu and co-authors Z. Zhang, H. Qiu and M. Kong).