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About Us

Old Dominion University has launched a number of transportation initiatives in an effort to deal with regional, state, and national mobility, safety and sustainability concerns, especially as they impact surface transportation issues. The program is led by Dr. Michael Robinson and Dr. Mecit Cetin.

CITS program center on the innovative application of modeling and simulation to solve transportation problems. The Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering (MSVE) Department and Civil & Environmental Engineering Department offer cutting edge educational and research programs at the graduate (ME, MS and Ph.D.) and undergraduate levels. A diverse set of course offerings prepares students to make an immediate difference in transportation fields. Some financial assistance is available for qualified full-time graduate students.

CITS research deals with a variety of issues related to mobility, safety, planning, freight, energy, and environment on surface transportation systems. CITS facilitates interdisciplinary transportation research among faculty in different academic departments, particularly for multimodal and intermodal problems.

Affiliated faculty includes Dr. Barry Ezell, Dr. Andrew Collins, Dr. Khan Iftekaruddin, Dr. Wayne Talley, Dr. Bryan Porter, Dr. Wie Yusuf, Dr. Todd Fantz, Dr. Michele Weigle, Dr. Tamer Nadeem, Dr. ManWo Ng and Dr. Duc Nguyen.

CITS Mission

The mission of CITS is to contribute to the advancement of transportation in three ways:

  • Research: The development of knowledge that expands our current body of transportation engineering knowledge and stimulates applications of new strategies/technologies, involving planning, design, and operations of the transportation system. The development of the transportation engineering profession through applied research is important.
  • Education: The education of future and current transportation professionals is one of the most important issues facing the country. Undergraduate and graduate students are introduced to transportation issues and learn approaches that have been taken or proposed to solve those problems. The graduate program will train students from diverse backgrounds as professionals who plan, design, and manage the transportation systems of cities and regions in both domestic and international settings.
  • Outreach and Service: Our commitment to knowledge transfer and public service is meant to provide immediate benefits to the university, citizens of the state, nation, and a number of countries. Important aspects are dissemination of knowledge to transportation practitioners, agencies, and other stakeholders, student internships in government agencies, and student and faculty involvement in TRB (Transportation Research Board), ITE ( Institute of Transportation Engineers) and ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) activities. Service also includes editorship of refereed journals.
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