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At Old Dominion, our undergraduate program helps develop the solid grounding in design, operations, and planning that all transportation professionals require. At the graduate level, our students explore areas that utilize advanced analytical methods and technologies to address complex transportation problems. The underlying goal is to prepare students to meet the needs of prospective employers, whether they are in the public sector, private sector, or academia.

At the graduate level, we offer Master's and Ph.D. degrees. Funding is available for well-qualified, full-time graduate applicants. We support graduate students through transportation research projects, and help them obtain internships locally and nationally. Our students also have the opportunity to travel to major conferences like the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, and are actively encouraged to publish journal articles and pursue national awards.

About 50 percent of the workforce responsible for planning and operating the transportation system will be eligible to retire in the near future. Federal and state agencies have become increasingly concerned about who will become the transportation leaders of tomorrow. These new leaders must have a solid understanding of traditional transportation engineering issues, while simultaneously being fluent in the use of a variety of new technologies and solutions. The USDOT has even established a website that provides information about meeting the transportation workforce challenge. Details are available at http://www.nhi.fhwa.dot.gov/transworkforce/.

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